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Glasses and Contact Lens Prescription Differences

While your contact lenses and eyeglasses prescriptions may seem the same, they usually have some differences, even if they seem minor.

Contact lens prescriptions have additional parameters for the diameter and curvature of the lenses, which aren’t needed for glasses. However, even the power strength fields (SPH, CYL, AXIS) are often quite different between your own glasses and contacts prescriptions.

We recommend that you get both prescriptions from your doctor if you want to purchase both eyeglasses and contact lenses. They belong to you:


By law, your eye doctor must provide you with your eyeglass prescription after your exam is completed. By law, your eye doctor must provide you with your contact lens prescription after your fitting is completed.

For contact lenses only, the law requires us to contact your doctor’s office to verify your prescription and make sure that it’s valid and accurate.

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