Clearance Glasses


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142 mm
/ 5.59"

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140 mm
/ 5.51"

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54 mm
/ 2.13"

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44 mm
/ 1.73"

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17 mm
/ 0.67"

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Clearance Glasses

Looking for affordable eyewear? Shop clearance styles from 39DollarGlasses! Lower prices don’t mean lower quality. Every clearance glasses frame undergoes our strict quality inspection process, and each lens is custom-made in our New York lab. Explore the latest styles and enjoy reliable customer service with every order. 

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Shop Clearance Prescription Glasses

Eye care should be affordable for everyone. That’s why 39DollarGlasses offers high-quality frames and low prices. As a company founded by eye doctors, we’re dedicated to delivering reliable prescription glasses and an easy shopping experience. Shop our clearance frames and get new glasses shipped straight to your door. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! At 39DollarGlasses, quality is our top priority. Clearance glasses still meet our strict quality standards, and every pair undergoes careful inspections before shipment. Same high quality, even lower prices.

Your PD helps us accurately design your prescription lenses. To measure your PD, place a millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose, just below your pupils (the black center of the eye). Align the first millimeter line with one pupil, then look in a mirror or have someone read the measurement. You can also use this helpful tool to measure your PD with a webcam or phone camera. 

The easiest way to provide your Rx info is to upload a picture of your prescription. Choose your frames, then select “Upload my prescription image” when asked to provide Rx info. You can also enter your prescription manually. Eyeglasses prescriptions are divided by the left and right eye, with numbers assigned to each. Enter those numbers into the corresponding boxes on the prescription screen, then click continue.

Buying glasses should be fast and easy, so we quickly ship most orders in 2-7 business days. Orders with complex prescriptions like bifocals might take an additional 4 days to process. We’ll keep you updated so you know when to expect your new glasses.

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