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National non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people with vision loss to achieve their goals and aspirations.

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Every 7 minutes a person in the U.S. loses their sight.

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The unemployment rate for people who are blind is more than 70%.

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1 in 3 Americans have some form of vision loss.

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1 in 4 Americans are at risk from a blinding eye disease.

Alphapointe is one of the largest employers of people who are blind

As well as one of the largest providers of rehabilitation services for people with vision loss in the United States. Every year, they manufacture tens of millions of difference-making products and provide critical services to thousands of people of all ages with low vision.

“People who are blind can do just about anything people with vision can do - they just do it differently.”

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The unemployment rate for people who are blind is above 70 percent. More than half of the team members at Alphapointe are blind or visually impaired. These individuals are hard working and strive to make a difference. From assembling life-saving tourniquets, operating high-tech machinery, running high-volume customer service, working in management and administration – the opportunities these individuals bring to the table is unlimited.

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Alphapointe’s goal is to instill confidence, facilitate independence and prepare youth to navigate the world with low vision.

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Alphapointe has served thousands of children around the country. The organization holds technology camps, college prep programs and transitional employment programs. They help children by creating a solid foundation of skills, which is essential for becoming successful adults living a world designed for sighted people.

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The organization teaches people with vision loss how to do things they used to do such as cook, read their mail, and handle other daily tasks. Alphapointe provides innovative instruction on the latest adaptive technology equipment, as well as Braille. The organization also helps people find good jobs through career counseling, job search assistance, interview skills and more. Alphapointe’s occupational therapists and support staff help people understand how to do the things they want to do.

What if you could buy items you use every day and know that those funds directly help people with low vision?

You can!

In addition to operating Base Supply Centers for our men and women in the military at Fort Leonard Wood (Mo.) and Little Rock (Ark.) Air Force Base, Alphapointe also manages an online retail store that offers thousands of products you use every day – from cleaning supplies to office products to furniture and much more. Every purchase means jobs and services for people with vision loss.

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