Prescription Glasses for Women: A Look Just for You

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FREE shipping on all orders over $99

FREE shipping on all orders over $99

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Owned and operated by eye doctors

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Prescription Glasses for Women: A Look Just for You

When you look your best, you feel your best. For women, glasses frames should enhance your existing style, not cramp it - and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to find that perfect pair. That’s where 39DollarGlasses comes in. Check out our wide selection of fashion glasses for women, starting at just $39. With dozens of styles and colors to choose from, the only limit is your imagination. 

Our stylish women’s eyeglasses will help you see your best and give you that boost of confidence you need. Whether you’re looking for a flirty cateye look, a scholarly appearance, or a collection of a few different styles for various occasions, we offer a variety of options suit your tastes. Best of all, we have a pair of glasses to suit every face shape. 

If you aren’t sure which style is best for you, you can use the ExactFit Try-On tool to virtually try on all of our frames. It’s free of charge and easy to use - all you have to do is upload a picture of yourself. Say goodbye to browsing rack after rack in store, and focus on finding your unique style.

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Affordable Women’s Glasses, Sent Right to You

Our prices for women’s eyeglasses start as low as $39. That’s right - you don’t have to wait for your insurance to kick in to get a new pair of glasses, and you don’t have to put back frames you love simply because of the price. Once you find the perfect haute pair, you can have your new glasses shipped directly to your door. 

Shopping for high quality women’s glasses online has never been more affordable - or reliable. Reluctant to shop online for something as vital as a pair of prescription glasses? We get it. At 39DollarGlasses, we pride ourselves in making shopping online for glasses a rewarding and transparent process. Each pair of our women’s prescription glasses boasts state-of-the-art, scratch-resistant coating and UV protection. For additional protection against blinding light, we offer anti-glare lenses at a reasonable price. 

Find the best value eyeglasses for women today with 39DollarGlasses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Women’s eyeglasses range in size and width depending on the style. Some frames, like these Trento Eyeglasses, offer a smaller profile while others give you a bigger look. Picking a size is just a matter of personal preference. For some women, narrower eyewear can be distracting since they might notice the frames at the edge of their vision. For others, larger specs just feel too big. 

At 39DollarGlasses, we know that your ideal women’s eyeglasses have to fit perfectly. That’s why we take out the guesswork and give you the exact measurements of each frame. 

Plus, if you aren’t sure which style is best for you, you can use the ExactFit Try-On tool to virtually try on all of our frames. It’s completely free and easy to use — all you have to do is upload a picture of yourself and you’ll see how your glasses fit before you buy them. Say goodbye to browsing rack after rack in-person, now you can find your unique style quickly and easily online.

Bold Statement Glasses

Everyone’s obsessed with bold frames. And it’s not hard to see why! The playful trend is super easy to join and perfect for anyone looking for their next statement piece. Plus, statement specs are super customizable. Bold doesn’t just mean shimmering, angular designs like these fabulous Genova Eyeglasses — you can mix it up depending on your taste. 

Want something with texture and unique colors? Try our Bella Eyeglasses. What about bold frames with a retro flair? Take a look at these Zoey Eyeglasses.

Overall, bold statement glasses are about embracing eye-catching designs.

Is this trend right for you?

Want to try bold statement specs? Go for it. You can find eye-catching specs for women in a variety of styles, so joining this trend just comes down to your personal preference. If your wardrobe is filled with bold colors and unique pieces — or if you want to test the waters — statement frames are perfect for you.

Metallic Glasses

Metallic glasses are everywhere. From runways to red carpets, metallic frames are chic and classy with a touch of sparkle. Just like bold statement glasses, these frames are super versatile and easy to customize depending on your style. 

Beyond playing with different frame shapes, metallic glasses can lean into eye-catching designs or hang back with simple wireframes. These Charm Eyeglasses go the eye-catching route with shimmering gold wire and a modern touch of clear browlines — they’re perfect for adding balance to round and oval faces. For a more subtle look, these round Ashton Eyeglasses stick with minimal wireframes, making them an ideal choice for square and diamond-shaped faces.

In the end, metallic glasses are a timeless style that can work for just about anyone.

Is this trend right for you?

This trend is rooted in classic designs — so it’s an excellent go-to style if you want classy glasses that match any outfit. If you love vintage styles, picking metallic specs with simple wireframes is a great choice. If you’re into contemporary designs, check out metallic glasses with modern touches like clear browlines.

Minimalist Glasses

Statement glasses are maximalist with their eye-catching frames and bold colors. In contrast, minimalist glasses are stripped-back and subtle. But that doesn’t mean this style isn’t unique. These Rimless Bowtie Eyeglasses offer the classic cat-eye look without adding thick frames, so they’re perfect if you like the cat-eye style but need something more subtle. And same goes for these Rimless Round 2 Eyeglasses. The round design complements square and diamond faces, but it also works for heart and pear-shaped faces since the minimal design won’t overwhelm soft features.

Minimalist specs aren’t all rimless though. With clear frames, you can pick from a huge selection of styles while maintaining that simple, minimalist look.

As a whole, minimalist glasses offer stripped-back designs that are ideal if you love the simple things in life or if you want specs that are easy to throw on and forget about.

Is this trend right for you?

Minimalist glasses are your perfect match if you like clean and simple design — but they also work if you want stripped-back specs that are easy to style. From bright and flashy wardrobes to subtle outfits, minimalist glasses will easily mesh with your everyday looks.

Find Your Perfect Pair at 39DollarGlasses

From bold statement glasses to minimalist frames, our chic prescription eyeglasses for women are ready to show off your style and personality. Whether you’re looking for a flirty cat-eye, a scholarly appearance, or a collection of a few different styles for any occasion, we offer a huge selection to suit your tastes.

1. Retro Designs

Retro designs are really taking off this year. But we’re not just talking about ‘50s-inspired cat-eye frames — maximalist styles from the 1970s are getting big too. Take a look at these Alpine Eyeglasses. With their aviator-style bodies and bold, oversized lenses, ‘70s-inspired glasses offer a uniquely retro feel.

Let’s not forget about cat-eyes though. Eyewear brands have been making the style for a while, but it’s getting a breath of fresh air this year. The latest cat-eye trends pay homage to the classic style while adding a modern twist. You could call it modern cat-eye. These Penelope Eyeglasses, for example. The style has that classic cat-eye look, but they’re pushed into the 21st century with translucent frames that really pop.

As with a lot of trends, retro women’s glasses are easy to customize. If cat-eye frames don’t work for your features, check out these ‘60s-inspired round wire-framed glasses — they’re perfect for square and diamond faces. Need something a little more minimal? Try a subtle pair like these Retro Eyewear 100 Eyeglasses

Retro designs are the latest way to enjoy classic styles, so have fun with it!

Style Tip

If you’re going to wear retro glasses, why not try some retro clothes too? You don’t need to go full 1960s hippie, but don’t be afraid to add some fun touches of retro style to your wardrobe! Build on that ‘70s look with floral prints or maximize your ‘50s cat-eye style with “matchy-matchy” outfits that focus on a single color.

2. Blocky and Geometric Frames

Bold statement glasses are in, but blocky and geometric designs are especially trendy. Think thick frames and angular shapes — blocky squares and rectangles like these Tate Eyeglasses. These frames support bold looks and confident outfits, so they’re perfect if you like eye-catching designs.

Picking frames with sharp edges is enough to join this trend, but you can really dive into blocky and geometric designs by doubling down on the angles. Take these Verona Eyeglasses for example. The silhouette offers a cat-eye-inspired design with sharper, modern edges to give that blocky look — but the real show is on the frames. By adding geometric texture to the frames themselves, you really emphasize the angular look and add a new dimension of interest.

Blocky and geometric frames can be subtle too. Choosing classic browline glasses gives you a more toned-down look while balancing your features with the frames’ structure. Check out these Ernest Hemingway Eyeglasses if you like the idea of blocky frames but you want to try something more subdued.

Style Tip

For a bold uniform look, try pairing your blocky and geometric prescription eyeglasses with outfits featuring clean lines and color-blocking — like a top with thick stripes of color. For some contrast, do the opposite and go with a flowy outfit like a loose maxi dress.

3. Colorful Crystal

Clear glasses frames for women look amazing, but what if you want to add some color? That’s where the colorful crystal trend comes in! This modern look combines elements of contemporary design with colorful and translucent styles you might have seen between the 1950s and ‘70s. The resulting style feels fresh and innovative — it’s runway fashion you can wear every day. 

Just like the retro design trend, colorful crystal frames are available in a wide variety of styles. These Jamesport Eyeglasses in blue crystal add a pop of color to any outfit and accentuate your eyes. For a bright, youthful look, check out these Entourage Eyeglasses in hot pink and black. 

Colorful crystal frames don’t have to be completely clear though. These frames include a touch of gold, adding definition and structure to round or oval faces. Feel free to experiment! You can always return your glasses for free thanks to our Worry-Free Warranty

Style Tip

Translucent frames with a pop of color offer a fun chance to show off your beautiful eyes. Try selecting colorful crystal that matches or complements your natural eye color. For blue eyes, look for pink, cobalt, or turquoise specs. If you have green eyes, colorful crystal frames with a touch of gold are perfect. For deeper colors like brown and black, these translucent frames in light rose can add highlights and definition to your eyes.

You can get a younger look with a few methods: Picking the right frame shape, choosing youthful colors, and testing trends.

Picking the Right Frame Shape

Frame shapes can have a big impact on your overall appearance. As we talked about earlier, some frame shapes are better suited to certain face shapes. For a youthful look, you can use this to your advantage by wearing cat-eye specs. This design features browlines that arch upwards and outwards, highlighting youthful cheekbones and brows. 

If cat-eyes aren’t for you, try wearing bigger frames. The style is increasingly popular with younger people and it emphasizes the eyes — boosting your youthful appearance.

Choosing Youthful Colors

Playful colors tend to look more youthful — so don’t be afraid to have fun! Try experimenting with bright or pastel shades of non-neutral colors like purple, yellow, and red. These brighter colors can emphasize your eyes and add a new dimension of liveliness to your wardrobe.

If brighter colors are a little too flashy, try wearing colorful crystal frames. The style offers all the youthful benefits of colorful frames with a subtler touch, so it could be the sweet spot you’re looking for.

Testing Trends

Trends are for everyone, regardless of age. From bold statement specs to translucent frames, playing with the latest trends is a great way to find styles you love and designs that show off your true personality. Try wearing blocky and geometric frames for a bold look, or go with shimmering metallic specs for a touch of perkiness. 

Remember, you can always take the parts of a trend you like and leave the rest behind. Feel free to mix and match ideas until you find the style that works for you!

The rimless style is in the minimalist glasses category which is trending! RImless frames offer stripped-back designs that are ideal if you love the simple things in life or if you want frames that are easy to throw on and forget about.

It’s not hard to find flattering specs once you identify your skin tone, but what about your hair? Should your hair and glasses match? If you don’t dye your hair, choosing a frame color that flatters your skin tone will work perfectly since your natural hair color matches your natural skin tone. But if you do dye your hair, you might need to think a little more about which color you pick. 

Generally speaking, people with hair that’s been dyed or bleached to match their skin don’t need to second-guess the colors that flatter their undertones. For example, if you have cool-toned skin and naturally dark brown hair, you might decide to dye your hair black with blue undertones. Black flatters cool-toned skin, so there won’t be any conflict between your features and the complementary frame colors we already mentioned. 

However, if you dye your hair a more unique color — like purple — you might need to think more carefully about matching your glasses to your hair. 

In most cases, picking colors that contrast your hair will work. For purple hair, contrasting colors such as yellow and orange look great — and that principle applies across the board. 

Contrasting = complementing.

If you don’t like the idea of stark contrast, look for colors that are very similar to your hair. For purple hair, pink and indigo frames look beautiful since they share purple’s hints of red. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to go with neutral black frames. Black won’t interfere with your hair color and it will work with any skin tone.

There are no real rules in fashion — or at least there aren’t any you can’t break. But if you want effortless beauty each day, choosing frame colors that flatter your skin tone and match your wardrobe is a smart move. 

According to style experts, skin tones are divided into three categories: warm, cool, and neutral. These categories are defined by a few factors, including characteristics like your skin’s undertones, your hair color, and your eye color. Let’s find your skin tone.

Warm Skin Tones

Your skin tone is warm if you have greenish or yellowish undertones. Does your skin have a golden hue? You probably fall under the warm category. 

If you’re not quite sure whether or not your skin has a golden hue, look at the veins visible just under your skin. If they look more green rather than blue, you have warm-toned skin. If you see a mix of hues, you might fall under the neutral category. We’ll talk more about that later.

Beyond the skin itself, people with warm tones tend to have hair ranging from dark brown to blonde. Your eyes could range anywhere from light-blue to green, golden, hazel, and brown. Many people with warm-toned skin will have hints of golden hues in their eyes, but touches of green and yellow are usually the biggest indicator of this category. 

If you’re still not sure if you have warm-toned skin, think about what jewelry you naturally enjoy. According to style experts, people who gravitate towards gold jewelry rather than silver might have warm-toned skin. So if you think gold looks better on you than silver, you’re probably in the warm category.

Cool Skin Tones

People with cool-toned skin have blue undertones. This group can range from fair to very dark, says Leatrice Eiseman — the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Does your skin show bluish veins? If so, you likely fall under the cool category. 

As with warm-toned skin, people with cool skin tones can have a pretty broad range of hair colors. However, cool-toned skin tends to get partnered with naturally cool-toned hair. Think deep black with blue undertones or very dark brown. Cool-toned hair can exist at the other end of the spectrum too, including very light blonde with hints of silver.

If you have cool-toned skin, your eyes typically won’t have a lot of green or gold. For blue eyes, that means a colder color — think icy blue rather than aquamarine. If you have brown eyes, they’re probably deeper and don’t feature hints of gold. People with cool-toned skin may also have gray or black eyes with bluish undertones. 

Finally, the jewelry factor. If you typically like silver rather than gold, you might have cool-toned skin. This is because the colder undertones of silver flatter the colder undertones of cool-toned skin.

Neutral Skin Tones

Last but not least, neutral skin tones. People in this category have a mix of warm and cool features, so you could have neutrally toned skin if you’ve had a hard time picking one of the previous two categories. 

Neutral skin tends to exhibit both blue and green undertones. Your hair might be cool-blonde with streaks of warmer-toned brown, or it could be warm-blonde with cooler streaks of ashy gray. If you have brown or black hair, you might notice a blend of warm and cool tones. Think bluish undertones with golden highlights.

When it comes to eye color, it’s typically hazel. Most people with neutrally toned skin have hazel eyes that tend to change depending on the colors they wear. If you’ve ever had trouble identifying your eye color, or if people tell you that your eyes change depending on your outfit, you might have neutrally toned skin and hazel eyes. 

Lastly, people with neutrally toned skin are well-matched to both silver and gold jewelry. You might find yourself mixing and matching metals, or you could have a preference for one tone in particular. Either way, silver and gold look great on your skin. 

Picking Your Women’s Eyeglasses Color Based on Your Skin Tone

Now that we’ve covered the three skin tones, take a moment to consider which category you fall under. When you’re ready, we’ll show you which frame colors will flatter your appearance. 

Remember, fashion isn’t about following rules — it’s about feeling confident and showing your personality. If you like a certain color that doesn’t technically match your skin tone, go for it! There’s nothing wrong with picking specs just because you like them. 

What colors look good with warm skin tones?

Warm skin looks good with warm colors. Look for frames with hints of yellow, orange, or even gold (like these women’s Aviator Eyeglasses). You’ll also look great with earth tones. These Fin Eyeglasses offer a beautiful matte green that perfectly complements the golden hue of warm-toned skin. 

  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Earth tones

What colors look good with cool skin tones?

This category looks gorgeous with icy blues, grayish charcoal, and cold violets. Try these Zoey Eyeglasses in purple for a fun addition to your wardrobe or go with these Bedford Eyeglasses in translucent gray for a clean, modern look. You should also keep in mind that brighter colors can make cool-toned skin look pale. To flatter your undertones, look for lighter colors like these Bel Air Eyeglasses in pastel pink.

  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Purple
  • Pastels

What colors look good with neutral skin tones?

Neutral skin looks good with neutral colors. Look for colors that land in the middle of the color spectrum like cream, tannish-brown, champagne, and mint. It’s a big range, but these colors are unified by their combination of cool and warm tones — just like your skin.

  • Cream
  • Tan
  • Silvery gold
  • Warm and cool tone blends

Tortoiseshell glasses can be a little confusing since they refer to a pattern and a set of colors (at least sometimes). 

Put simply, tortoiseshell glasses are a style that mimics the look of a tortoise’s shell. In fact, some of these glasses were once actually made from the shell of a tortoise. That’s no longer the case, but the style still features the shell’s unique pattern. 

In many cases, tortoiseshell glasses are made in neutral colors such as brown and tan — just like the real thing. However, more recent styles offer the tortoiseshell look in less traditional colors like blue. Others keep the traditional colors while refreshing the design with a new take on the iconic pattern. For example, these Seaview Eyeglasses offer the classic tortoiseshell look with a colorful twist while these Bellmore Eyeglasses keep the style’s iconic colors and add a modern take on the tortoiseshell pattern. 

Overall, tortoiseshell glasses offer an organic design that’s classy and easily recognizable. At 39DollarGlasses, we offer the style in colors for every skin tone, including neutrals and non-neutrals. If you’re considering tortoiseshell glasses, pick a color that follows the guidelines we previously talked about.

For many women, picking glasses that match blonde hair and blue eyes is important. To help you start the hunt, we’ve picked out three of our favorite designs that look beautiful with these features. 

1. Arthur Eyeglasses in Blue or Brown

Check out these Arthur Eyeglasses in blue or brown for the ultimate pair of en vogue eyewear. The blue option is the perfect companion for women with cool-toned skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair — while the brown option offers orange undertones that are perfect for warm-toned skin. Plus, the style’s rounded frames are ideal for highlighting softer, feminine features.

Style Idea

These specs offer a smart, classy look. Pair them with earth tones for a cute outfit. 

2. Entourage Eyeglasses in Blue or Hot Pink

Put the focus on your eyes with these frames in blue or hot pink. The blue option will boost the deep intensity of your eyes while the hot pink will highlight their cooler shades. Both colors work well with cool-toned skin thanks to their colder undertones, and the frame’s translucent design will help you avoid getting washed out by the bolder colors. The cool-toned colors also work well with cool-toned blonde hair, so give these specs a shot if your blonde hair has hints of silver.

Style Idea

Pairing these specs with a bold lip color can boost your colorful look. Try using that contrasting method we talked about earlier for a bright and eye-catching style. 

3. Durham Eyeglasses in Green/Blue or Brown

Blue eyes with hints of green will really pop with these Durham Eyeglasses in green/blue. The subtle shade of aquamarine boosts your eyes’ green highlights and emphasizes their blue hue while the brown option perfectly matches warmer skin tones. With their slightly rectangular design, these specs are perfect for adding balance to round and oval faces. 

Style Idea

Durham Eyeglasses in green/blue give you a summery look. And with 100% UV protection built-in, they’re perfect for the outdoors. Wear them with a warm-weather outfit and green tones for an effortlessly outdoorsy style.