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How To Style Round Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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Harry Potter, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Jobs, Iris Apfel, John Lennon. If you wear round glasses, you’re in good company!

The round eyeglasses or sunglasses, a classic eyewear shape, will never go out of style. Although they are often associated with the 60s hippie era, there are so many interpretations of the round shape out today that will suit any type of style and preference.

Round glasses are best for those with more angular faces as its curves balance out sharper features. However, if you have a round face shape, you’re not totally out of luck. Try frames that aren’t perfectly circular.

For some styling inspiration, here are some popular frames and how to wear them.

Thin Metal Frames


These are arguably the most iconic round glasses frames. Famously worn by our favorite wizard, Harry Potter and Beatle, John Lennon, the thin metal framed glasses give off an air of intellectualism. Because they can give off a bookish feel, wear these with something more modern, fun and edgier like a casual t-shirt look or a jean or leather jacket.



Browline glasses add a frame to the upper half, giving more structure to round glasses or sunglasses so these are perfect for those with a softer face shape to try. These Charm glasses in a clear color adds a touch of the future to bring an otherwise quirkier shape some cool. If neutrals are more your thing, this style also comes in black and tortoiseshell.

These are great for school or the workplace as it’s a more studious choice. Especially for video calls, classes and meetings, the mix of materials in this frame plays well on camera if you decide to keep your outfit, accessories, hair and makeup simple.



There’s something easy and laidback about rimless glasses, which might be why they have made a huge resurgence in the past couple of years. It’s hard to go wrong with its simplicity as well. As sunglasses, they look great with any color lens. As glasses, its low profile allows your features to really shine. But what we really love about these glasses is that they can go from day to night so keep a pair of these on hand for any outfit or occasion.



Despite it not being a solid color, tortoiseshell is most definitely a neutral. Fitting for both men and women, it’s an extremely versatile pattern that truly goes with everything and calls upon old Hollywood glamor. These Esquire 1510 frames are another great choice for those with rounder face shapes because of how they extend on the sides. When wearing a solid colored outfit, a tortoiseshell pattern is the perfect way to add some interest and texture to your look.



There’s no better way to add some fun to an outfit than putting on some colorful glasses or sunglasses. It’s always a sign of someone with an unique and interesting personality! Colorful glasses can definitely make a fashion statement, but whether you want to go bold or more subtle is up to you. These frames come in darker colors like burgundy and navy which are both easier to wear. To not overpower your glasses or sunglasses, keep the rest of your accessories low key in neutrals, gold or silver to match the metal in your frames.

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