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Round Glasses Frames

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Who should wear round eyeglasses?

Round spectacles have been popular since Benjamin Franklin first sported his small round glasses. In fact, round eyeglass frames have appeared on the faces of the most celebrated film and literature icons throughout the ages. T.S. Elliot, Raymond Chandler – even famed orator Dale Carnegie sported round prescription glasses. Some may tell you that round eyeglass frames are not suitable for full or round faces. Actually, round eyeglasses work for nearly every face shape, if you take the scale and bulk into consideration. For example, small round glasses constructed of a heavy material look markedly different than big round glasses that are rimless or are made of thin wire. Of course, big round glasses can look quite flattering as they "open up" and brighten your face. Circle frame glasses are especially adorable on your young prescription glasses wearers. A tiny child wearing round prescription glasses incites a chorus of "aawww" at every outing. Round optical frames are also beneficial if you're a multifocal lens wearer because the bottom curve of the lens easily accommodates bifocals.

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Where to buy round glasses?

More and more people are choosing to purchase their round glasses online. Searching for round spectacles is stress free when the process is undertaken from the comfort of your own home. Purchasing round glasses online allows you to take the time to make a more thoughtful choice regarding color, style and materials for your round optical frames. Browse our collection of round eyeglasses starting at just $39 and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair for you.