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FREE shipping on all orders over $99

FREE shipping on all orders over $99

FREE shipping on all orders over $99

Owned and operated by eye doctors

Owned and operated by eye doctors

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Owned and operated by eye doctors

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Who should wear round eyeglasses?

Round spectacles have been popular since Benjamin Franklin first sported his small round glasses. In fact, round frame glasses have appeared on the faces of the most celebrated film and literature icons throughout the ages. T.S. Elliot, Raymond Chandler – even famed orator Dale Carnegie sported round prescription glasses. Some may tell you that round eyeglasses frames are not suitable for full or round faces. Actually, circle or round  glasses work for nearly every face shape.For example, small round glasses constructed of a heavy material look markedly different from big round glasses that are rimless or are made of thin wire. Of course, big round circular glasses can look quite flattering as they "open up" and brighten your face. Circle frame glasses are especially adorable on your young prescription glasses wearers. A tiny child wearing round prescription glasses incites a chorus of "aawww" at every outing. Circular frames are also beneficial if you're a multifocal lens wearer because the bottom curve of the lens easily accommodates bifocals.

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Where to buy round or circular glasses?

More and more people are choosing to purchase their round or circular glasses online. Searching for round spectacles is stress free when the process is undertaken from the comfort of your own home. Purchasing circular glasses online allows you to take the time to make a more thoughtful choice regarding color, style and materials for your round optical frames. Browse our collection of round eyeglasses starting at just $39 and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Round glasses have a lot of names. Some people call them John Lennon glasses, others say “tea shades.” You might also see them referred to as granny glasses or simply circle glasses. Whatever you call them, we have a wide range of circular glasses frames — all starting at just $39. 

Circular glasses have a softening effect. People with sharper features can wear round frames to add balance and contrast, while rounder faces are emphasized by the style. That means just about everyone looks good in round glasses, it’s just a matter of personal preference. Check out our virtual try-on tool to see if circular glasses work for you!

Round eyeglasses have been in style for decades, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Keep it classic with wire-rim round glasses, or make it modern with crystal clear circle frames. However you wear them, round eyeglasses are a trendy choice that will keep you in style for years to come.

39DollarGlasses was founded by doctors who believe eye health should be easy and accessible. That’s why you can order prescription round frame glasses in three easy steps: Pick your circle frames, select your lenses, and add your prescription. Each order is custom-made in the U.S. and protected by our Worry-Free Warranty.

Our glasses experts use PD to perfectly align your lenses with your eyes. You can ask your eye doctor to measure your PD during an exam — or you can measure it at home. Grab a millimeter ruler and place it on the bridge of your nose, just below your eyes. Line up the first line of the ruler with the center of one pupil (the black center of your eye). Have someone read the distance between the pupils, or use a mirror to read it yourself. The final number is your PD.

Adding prescription info is simple. Once you pick your circular frames, select a lens type. We offer single vision, reading, and multifocal lenses. Ask your doctor if you aren’t sure which one you need. Next, choose how to enter your prescription. You can use one saved to your account, or add a new one by taking a photo or manually entering a few numbers. Eyeglasses prescriptions are divided by the left and right eye. Each eye is assigned a series of numbers — enter these in the corresponding boxes on your screen.    

You need your glasses quickly, so we ship most orders within seven business days. Orders that include complex prescriptions, like bifocals, might take a few more days to process. All our glasses are custom-made in New York, and each order undergoes a strict quality inspection before delivery.

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