Benefits of Anti Reflective Lenses

What is ar coating on glasses

What is the purpose of AR coating on glasses? If you already have 100% UV protection for your lenses, is AR coating necessary? Many prescription eyeglass wearers swear by AR-coating to fully protect their eyes. In fact, some people will refuse to wear a pair of glasses that don’t have this kind of protection.

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AR coating

Also known as anti-reflective coating, is a carefully layered chemical film that is applied to both sides of your prescription or non-prescription lenses.This coating effectively eliminates reflection from the front and back surfaces of your lenses and works in tandem with your UV protection. Unfortunately, UV protection alone doesn’t provide anti-glare protection. To give your eyes full protection from all classes of harmful light rays, AR-coating is key.

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Our expertly-applied anti-reflective film coating blocks distracting and dangerous glare from bouncing off of your lenses, allowing you to see more clearly and safeguard your eye health at the same time.

Protecting your eye health isn’t the only reason to opt for anti-reflective coating:

AR coating allows for maximum light penetration into your lenses. This can give you increased visibility while blocking reflective glare helping you to see more vividly and with greater contrast. Anti-reflective coating helps to improve and maintain clear vision, reduces eye strain, extends the life of your glasses, and improves the overall quality of your prescription glasses or sunglasses.

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AR coating options

Furthermore, at 39DollarGlasses.com you can find several AR coating options to add to our already 100% UVA/UVB protection and scratch-resistant coated lenses. Choose from our UltimateView™ AR, Crizal® Prevencia®, or Blue495™ Anti-reflective coating options.
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AR-coating options are compatible with clear, transition, or polarized lenses, and are suitable for most RX prescription types. So whether you wear single vision glasses, bifocals, or progressives: you can upgrade your viewing comfort with anti-reflective lenses.

What does anti reflective coating on glasses do

Every day our eyes are exposed to hazardous lightwaves, when these lightwaves reach a surface — like the lenses of your glasses, for example— some of these waves can pass through the lenses while some of them reflect or bounce off of your lenses. A good way to visualize this is to imagine the glare from the ocean: Some light passes through the water while some of it bounces off of the surface of the water. These types of reflections cause an intense glare from both the front and back surfaces of your glasses and prevent lightwaves from traveling through your lenses.

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When not enough light enters your glasses, it can lessen the overall quality of your eyesight and makes it harder to see. It can even damage your eyesight over time.

AR-coating is an anti-reflective film that is applied to the lenses of your prescription glasses or sunglasses. But what does it do exactly?

When AR-coating is applied to our already 100% UV-protected lenses, these lightwaves can safely reach your eyes and improve your clarity of vision while protecting your eyesight at the same time. When you select UltimateView™ Anti-reflective coating for your lenses, our expert team of eye doctors begins crafting your glasses in our lab located in Long Island, New York.

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AR coating options

These coating options eliminate glare and act as a barrier between your eyes and the high-intensity light reflecting off flat surfaces. This type of reflection can deteriorate your eyesight over time. The anti-reflective coating allows for 99% more light to pass through your lenses while also protecting your eyes. This greatly improves your vision since less light is lost due to reflective glare.

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UltimateView™ Anti-glare lenses provide 100% protection against harmful reflective rays that damage eyesight. For more specialized protection, choose Crizal® Prevencia® or Blue495™ AR-coating for your lenses.

Crizal® Prevencia® anti-glare coating

Crizal® Prevencia® anti-glare coating is an advanced, high-quality lens option. This type of anti-reflective coating offers premium protection from harmful UV rays and blue-violet lighting, which may lead to eye damage. Crizal® Prevencia® uses light scan technology to optimize light transmission through the lens for the clearest possible vision.

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In addition, each lens can repel water drops, resist smudges, minimize scratches, and protect the surface of your lenses. This makes your glasses easier to clean and can extend the life of your glasses, all while maximizing visual performance.

UltimateView ™ with Blue495™ lenses are best for shielding your eyes from unhealthy blue-violet lighting that comes from screens,TVs, and other types of artificial light sources.

While blocking blue light, it also reduces reflective glare and prevents eye strain. If you spend a lot of time behind a computer or watching tv at night, this is the anti-reflective coating for you. UltimateView with Blue495™ blocks blue light to help stabilize your circadian rhythm which helps you balance your sleep cycles and get a better night’s sleep.

Improve your look and appearance

When you choose an AR-coating for your lenses, others can see your eyes more clearly in photos, videos, and face-to-face interactions since there is no glare from your lenses. AR-coating also makes your lenses appear thinner and more transparent, so people can see the real you behind your frames instead of distracting reflective glare. AR coating also gives your frames a sophisticated and polished feel.

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For example, actors and actresses usually wear anti-reflective lenses when on screen! AR-coating gives your lenses a “barely there” quality, which can greatly enhance your appearance.

Benefits of anti reflective glasses

There are some surprising advantages of anti glare glasses. You might wonder how you ever wore glasses without this feature! AR-coating allows for more light to pass through your lenses while also protecting your eyes. This greatly improves your vision since less light is lost due to reflective glare.

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When you opt for UltimateView or Crizal® Prevencia® anti-reflective coating, you’ll notice some remarkable improvements right away.

Extend the life of your glasses

All of our AR-coating options not only protect your eyes from glare but also protect your glasses against scratches and smudges too. This makes them easier to clean and care for while also extending the life and improving the overall quality of your glasses. When you opt for AR-coating, both your eyesight and the structural integrity of your lenses are that much more protected.

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The materials used for our UltimateView™ anti-reflective coating options make your lenses stronger and more durable which can increase the life of your glasses.

Protect your eyes from harmful lightwaves

When you choose AR coatings like UltimateView™, Crizal® Prevencia® anti-glare, or UltimateView ™ with Blue495™, you can completely protect your eyes from things like harmful UV-rays, reflective glare, and blue-violet lighting. These types of lightwaves can lead to temporary or permanent eye damage, headaches, and interrupted sleep cycles.

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Get better sleep

Blue lightwaves and glare can give you headaches, eye strain, and can interrupt your sleep cycles. When you opt for blue-light blocking anti-glare protection, you can reverse the effects of these types of lights. Research has shown that prolonged exposure to artificial blue-violet light emitted by electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers, could potentially be toxic to retinal cells.

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AR-coating protects your eyes against these light waves and improves the quality and depth of your vision at the same time, allowing you to get a solid night’s rest.

Protect your prescription

When you wear glasses without AR-coating, you may be putting your eyes at risk. Even if you have 100% UVA/UVB protection, the effects of glare can still cause significant damage to your eyes. UltimateView™ AR-coating and Crizal® Prevencia® anti-glare coating safeguard your eyesight against eye strain, glare, and dangerous UV-rays to help prevent future changes in your prescription.

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Enhance UV-protection

All of our glasses come with 100% UVA/UVB protection. However, UV protection alone isn’t enough to fully protect your eyes from the sun. When you choose any of our UltimateView™ anti-glare coatings, you can further enhance your UV eye protection by also eliminating reflective glare. This additional protection helps prevent eye damage that is associated with prolonged exposure. It also allows you to see clearly at night or when the sun is reflecting off of surfaces with high intensity.

Improve your vision clarity

AR-coating can improve your vision clarity by blocking certain lightwaves that can restrict your vision. With AR-coating, you can clearly see roads, lights, and water while experiencing zero reflective glare. Additionally, AR-coating makes it easier to see at night or anywhere with low visibility due to glare or bright lights.

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A good AR coating on your glasses will drastically improve your vision quality while driving, using your computer, or when experiencing the beauty of the great outdoors — all without experiencing the distracting and potentially hazardous reflective glare from the sun.

While UV protection blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, AR coating protects the eyes from the effects of glare in a way that UV protection alone simply cannot. All of our custom-crafted lenses come with 100% UVA/UVB protection. By adding an anti-reflective coating to your lenses, you can add an extra layer of protection for the long-term health and quality of your vision.

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