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The Versatile, Timeless Appeal of Silver Sunglasses

Silver sunglasses are a versatile accessory that goes with any outfit or occasion. No matter what your eye-color or complexion: silver shades are a seamless match for all, which is exactly why they have become such a timeless eyewear choice. Trends come and go, but silver-colored sunglasses are here to stay. This makes them a worthwhile buy, with lots of everyday wear opportunities. At 39DollarGlasses, we stock silver frame sunglasses in all the popular styles. From sleek and matted to bold and shiny: there’s a silver match for every personality. We also offer a superb choice in silver and metallic tones, including gunmetal silver, pale silver, pewter, and more. You can upgrade any pair of silver sunglasses in our collection with premium Rx prescription lenses. These prescription lenses feature a scratch-resistant coating, rounded edges, and most importantly: 100% UV-protection. Our lenses help block all hazardous UV-lighting that could cause permanent eye damage, such as cataracts, corneal burn, and more. Furthermore, our silver shades help reduce glare and balance colors and vibrancy. On-trend style, enhanced vision, color correction, and UV-protection: our silver sunglasses combine multiple benefits in one, timeless frame. That is how our fashionable silver sunglasses make any wearer feel golden.

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Save Time and Money When Buying Silver Prescription Sunglasses

The most rewarding way to shop for silver rimmed sunglasses? 39DollarGlasses: your online destination for affordable, on-trend eyewear. We are a doctor-owned and -operated company that takes great pride in our affordability, high-quality standards, and eye for detail. By eliminating overhead costs and streamlining our US-based production, we’re able to keep our prices extra attractive: allowing you to experiment with your everyday style without overspending. In addition to saving you money, we also help you save time. The 39DollarGlasses ordering process is simple, straightforward, and can be completed in mere minutes. Simply select your favorite silver-colored frame, customize the lenses to your Rx prescription, and check out: easy and convenient. You can even upload your Rx details instead of entering them manually! You get all those benefits, plus more, when you profit from our unique value proposition. Furthermore, if you shop for silver sunglasses, you even benefit from a gold level of service. Our 39DollarGlasses customer care team is there to assist at any stage of the ordering process, so don’t hesitate to call upon our expertise to nab yourself the best deal on silver shades. 

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