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What is TR90?

Glasses need to be comfortable. But it can be hard to find comfy frames that withstand daily wear and tear. That’s where TR90 can help. TR90 is a flexible, damage-resistant thermoplastic that’s very durable. Thanks to its pliability, TR90 absorbs impact without breaking.

Finally, and most remarkable of all, TR90 glasses are supremely lightweight!

Even the boldest, biggest styles don’t feel bulky when made with TR90. The thermoplastic material has a barely-there feel that you truly have to wear to believe. Because it's lightweight, TR90 frames fade into the background so you stay comfortable all day.

Man wearing TR90 frame glasses

This flexibility also makes TR90 glasses resilient to damage.

Because the material is pliable, they are far less likely to break or bend from impact. Eye doctors founded 39DollarGlasses to make prescription eyewear more affordable. Plus, every order is backed up by our Worry-Free Warranty and easy returns. Order TR90 frames for durable, long-lasting eyeglasses today.

Frequently Asked Questions

TR90 is a durable and highly flexible thermoplastic used for glasses frames. Because it’s so resilient, glasses made of TR90 are less likely to break if dropped or bent. TR90 is also very lightweight, helping glasses stay comfortable throughout the day.

Yes! Durability is one of the biggest advantages of TR90 glasses. The material is highly pliable, letting it absorb intense impact without snapping.

Pupillary distance is the measurement between the black centers of your eyes (the pupils). We use this measurement to precisely design prescription lenses. To measure your PD, place a millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose, just below your pupils. Use a mirror or have someone align the first millimeter line with the center of one pupil, then read the measurement. You can also use this helpful tool to measure your PD with a phone camera or webcam.

The easiest way to provide your Rx info is to upload a picture of your prescription, but you can also enter your info manually. Glasses prescriptions are divided by the right and left eye. Eye doctors use the labels O.D. (right eye) and O.S. (left eye). Look for those labels on your prescription followed by a series of numbers. Enter the numbers in the corresponding boxes on the prescription screen, then click continue.

We quickly ship most orders in 2-7 business days. If your order includes a complex prescription, it could take up to 4 more days to process. 39DollarGlasses is dedicated to quality, so every order undergoes strict quality inspections before shipment.

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