Advantages Of CR-39 Lenses

What are the differences between Polycarbonate lenses and CR-39 lenses? A lot of people focus most of their attention on which frame they want, and we can’t blame them. However, lenses are a very important part to your glasses that shouldn’t be overlooked. Sure, frames are much bigger and more stylish than a simple pair of lenses. But what if we were to tell you some lenses aren’t as simple as they seem?

What’s The Deal with Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers, which contain carbonate groups within their chemical structure. Used for a variety of manufactured parts, they can easily be worked and molded to help fit into different materials. We were introduced to polycarbonate lenses in the 1970s they and have changed the optical world for the better. Far thinner and more resistant than CR-39 or any other plastic or glass lenses, polycarbonates are known for their lightweight and protective features.

Polycarbonate lenses are especially unique because they are used for more than lenses. Polycarbonates are also used in the manufacturing of electronic components such as DVD’s, CD’s and cell phone parts. What’s even more intriguing is how they’re used in space and aviation. That’s right, polycarbonates are used for automotive and aircraft components as well. They are used on the Lockheed Martin F-22 canopy and even used as helmet visors for astronauts, and for bullet resistant glass and space shuttle windows. Furthermore, due to being extra thin, they are perfect for thicker prescriptions. When it comes to safety, these shatter-resistant lenses are the safest it gets for kids’ glasses.

What About CR-39 lenses?

CR-39 lenses revolutionized the optical industry when they were first introduced in the 1940s. These lenses are half as heavy as glass, but far less likely to shatter. Just like polycarbonate lenses, they too are made of polymers, which help the lenses stay sturdy. Unlike polycarbonate lenses, CR-39 lenses may be thicker depending on the prescription; therefore, stronger prescriptions may be harder to make. Yet, CR-39 lenses are a lot better at taking in light, which is key to maintaining good eye health.

Which Ones Are Better?

It all depends on what’s best for you. Everyone has different prescriptions and preferences. Here at 39DollarGlasses.com, we carry both polycarbonate and CR-39 lenses. It’s always great to have options, especially when it comes to the most important part of your glasses. Your lenses are the key to your eye health, vision and overall comfort while wearing your glasses. Additionally, all lens packages we carry offer additional Lens Coatings as another option to keep your eyes a bit more healthy and glare-free. For safety reasons, we only carry polycarbonate lenses for children.

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