Have You Been Experiencing Headaches and Don’t Know Why You’re Having Them? Try Neurolux™.

Have You Been Experiencing Headaches and Don’t Know Why You’re Having Them? Try Neurolux™.

Headaches are extremely painful and frustrating — especially when they spring up out of nowhere. So what can you do? What does science say about reducing headaches? The first step should always be talking with a medical professional. Discussing your symptoms with an expert is the best way to rule out other health issues. After consulting a doctor, it’s time to start managing symptoms.

Thankfully, Neurolux™ lenses with FL- 41 technology are designed to block painful light before it hits your eyes. The powerful technology is proven to reduce monthly migraines and improve symptoms when headaches occur. It can also help you manage blepharospasm (eye twitch). In some people, blepharospasm might be triggered by bright lights. NeuroluxTM lenses block those irritating wavelengths, helping you see clearly and reduce spasms.

Neurolux™ lenses are science-approved and ready to help you feel your best.

Headache glasses with Neurolux soothing lenses

What Helps With Headaches? How To Make a Headache Go Away

For some, headaches are caused by disorders that need doctor-approved treatment plans. For others, headaches are the result of too much screen time or uncomfortable sitting positions. Other times, experts aren’t sure what causes a person’s headache — they just know it’s a painful experience. This is especially true for people who experience migraines.

Identify Headache Triggers

It can be hard to figure out what’s causing your headaches or migraines, but there are a few common triggers you may be facing. These triggers range from damaging sitting positions to excessive screen use and more. After consulting a medical professional, keep an eye out for patterns like getting headaches after reading — you might identify the cause of your pain, which is the first step in learning how to relieve headaches.

Poor Posture

Poor posture can cause headaches, especially if it results in strange sitting positions. This often happens when we use screens. Angling your head to look at your phone or slouching to get in line with your computer puts strain on your neck, shoulders, and back — which could result in headaches.

Indoor Lighting

Visibly flickering or pulsing lights are obvious irritants, but invisible flashing is a problem too. This is typically associated with fluorescent lighting often found in grocery stores. Fluorescent lights may look solid, but they actually pulse invisibly — which can cause new headaches or make existing headaches worse.


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How To Get Rid of Headaches With Neurolux Lenses

We know Neurolux™ Soothing Lenses can relieve headaches, but how does that work in everyday life?

What These Lenses Do

How To Use Them

Neurolux™ lenses are designed to seamlessly blend with your daily schedule. From work to play, these lenses make it easy to avoid headaches and reduce pain. Using them is easy — and they adapt to your specific needs.

Before a Headache

No one can predict when a headache will develop, but identifying triggers can help you reduce their frequency. If you notice you get headaches after reading, try putting on your Neurolux™ lenses before sitting down with a book. If headaches develop while around fluorescent lighting, try putting them on before heading into brightly lit rooms.

During a Headache

Sometimes headaches develop even if you take preventative steps — but Neurolux™ lenses can still help by reducing light sensitivity. If you already wear glasses, you can get your prescription added to your Neurolux™ lenses for easy everyday use. Prescription eyeglasses with Neurolux™ lens technology can be worn in place of standard prescription glasses during headache-triggering tasks like computer work.

How To Get Rid of Tension Headaches

We’ve talked about some general methods for reducing headaches with Neurolux™ lenses, now let’s get more specific: getting rid of tension headaches.

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. Experts say as many as 2 in 3 adults deal with these headaches — meaning well over 60% of the population has experienced them.

But what are tension headaches?

We don’t know their exact cause, but medical experts point out a few main symptoms. These symptoms may be brought on by factors like irritating indoor lighting and stress.

Pain on both sides of the head

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Some headaches only affect certain areas of the head. In contrast, tension headaches tend to affect both sides of the head. They may also cause pain along the face and neck.

Feelings of tightness or pressure around the head

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Tension headaches often involve a “tight” sensation. This may feel like a band or vice around your head.

Non-throbbing pain

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Headaches sometimes include a throbbing sensation — but tension headaches do not.

Mild to moderate pain

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Tension headaches are very uncomfortable, but they aren’t severe. You should always talk to a medical professional to properly address your level of pain.

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How To Relieve Tension Headaches With Neurolux™ Soothing Lenses

Although the exact cause of tension headaches is unknown, there are still ways to reduce their frequency and pain level.
Try these methods to relieve your symptoms.

Not everyone with tension headaches has increased sensitivity to light, but the combination of invisibly flickering indoor lighting and stressful pain can make your headache worse. Neurolux™ lenses can reduce the impact of irritating lighting by filtering damaging wavelengths. Combine your Neurolux™ lenses with healthy sleep habits and stress management to improve your symptoms.
Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye strain commonly develops when people wear out their vision by looking at digital devices for too long. This is known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). CVS doesn’t necessarily cause tension headaches, but it might make your symptoms more painful. You can avoid this by following the 20-20-20 rule: after looking at a screen for 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This helps your eyes stay healthy and avoid strain. Use the 20-20-20 rule alongside Neurolux™ lenses to prevent irritating light from worsening your tension headache.

How Does the Headache Lens Tint Work?

As we talked about, Neurolux™ lenses work by filtering light that can cause headaches or make them worse. But what’s the science here?

Human eyes have cells that detect light. These cells work with your brain and a special nerve, which in turn allows you to see. You can think of these connections as little pathways. Light enters the pathway via the cornea (part of your eye) before your brain starts to interpret what it’s seeing.

Sometimes, this complex system can be impacted by painful sensitivity

This is known as photophobia. Some of the cells involved with light detection can be especially sensitive to blue and green wavelengths, which can in turn lead to new or worsening headaches.

Glasses with Neurolux™ technology feature specialized rose-tinted lenses. This light tint neutralizes the blue-green light spectrum so your eyes are protected from painful wavelengths. One clinical study found that people who used glasses with tinted lens tech experienced 74% fewer migraine attacks per month. Other study participants without migraines also found relief. That means wearing glasses with Neurolux technology can help anyone experiencing headaches.

Using Neurolux™ Lenses to Prevent Headaches

For a lot of people, stopping headaches before they develop is the main goal — and Neurolux™ can help. To avoid headache triggers, wear Neurolux™ glasses in environments with a lot of artificial lighting.

As we talked about earlier, invisible pulsing from fluorescent lights can cause headaches or make them worse — so try wearing your Neurolux™ lenses in grocery stores, sports centers, medical facilities, and gyms. These environments often have a lot of fluorescent lights, and avoiding those lights could reduce your risk of headaches.

Using Neurolux™ Lenses to Reduce Symptoms

Using Neurolux™ Lenses to Reduce Symptoms

Sometimes headaches develop even if you take preventative measures. Don’t worry, Neurolux™ lenses can still help. Try wearing your new glasses when you have to continue a task despite your headache — like while at work or school. Neurolux™ lenses shouldn’t be worn all the time or used to replace other treatments, but they are an effective way to relieve painful headache symptoms throughout the day.

Find the Best Eyewear for Headaches With 39DollarGlasses

39DollarGlasses has eyewear for everyone. Whether you need non-prescription glasses, progressive lenses, or something in between, Neurolux™ lens technology is ready to stop your headaches and relieve your symptoms.

At 39DollarGlasses, we think glasses shopping should be easy and affordable. Our glasses are approved by optometrists and made to last — and we’re willing to stand by that. If you’re not happy with your new eyeglasses, you can return them for free with our Worry-Free Warranty.

Stop headaches today with Neurolux™ Soothing lenses from 39DollarGlasses!

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