How should glasses fit your face

How should glasses fit your face

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How should glasses fit your face

A pair of glasses should fit your face perfectly. Otherwise, they will slip down the ridge of your nose or feel too tight around your face’s temple areas. If they pinch your nose, it’s uncomfortable. If they slide, they almost defeat their purpose. We offer you a glasses fit guide to help you take the guesswork out of finding the perfect pair of prescription glasses. We help you understand how glasses should fit your face. This way when you try them on, you’ll know immediately if they’re going to help you see comfortably.

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A series of components make up a pair or prescription glasses including the:

Frame picture showing the different parts of a frame.
Nose pad
Pad arms
Temples and temple tips
1 Nose Pads Nose Pads
2 Pad Arms Pad Arms
3 Bridge Bridge
4 Temples and temple tips Temples and temple tips
5 Hinges Hinges
6 Screws Screws
7 Lenses Lenses
8 Rims Rims
Frame picture showing the different parts of a frame.

Prescription glasses should fit at an even level on your face

The right lens is not higher or lower than the left one. In addition, the temples and their tips sit on the sides of your face comfortably. They don’t feel tight and they’re not loose either. Moreover, the temple leaves no mark behind.

If you look down or shake your head when wearing a pair, they shouldn’t move, especially the temples and their tips.

When you remove a pair of prescription glasses, they should not leave a mark on the sides of your face. Sometimes, the nose pads leave marks on your nose’s bridge, but they should fade away quickly.

The rims sit at your eyebrows or below, and they don’t leave marks on your cheeks. The frames extend the width of your face and the bridge doesn’t leave marks on your nose.

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How should sunglasses sit on your face

Sunglasses sit on your face the same way that prescription glasses do. You want to ensure that they fit tight on your nose, across your face, and at the temples. But not so tight that they leave marks anywhere. If they pinch your nose or ears, the pair is too tight.However, if they’re loose, the pair is prone to sliding down your nose, which is inconvenient. When the pair is loose, it makes losing them easier. If you look down and slide off your face completely, you risk damaging the pair.

To keep the sunglasses in good shape, avoid placing them on your head. Many times the sunglasses fit well in the beginning. However, individuals stretch out the hinges and temples by placing them on top of their head.

what type of glasses fit my face

How should glasses fit your face and how should prescription glasses fit depends on its shape. Our 39 Dollar Glasses fit guide helps you determine what type of glasses fit my face based on form.

The seven face shapes are:

Oblong face shape


Square face shape


Diamond face shape


Triangular face shape


Round face shape


Oval face shape


Heart face shape


Oval is the most common and versatile face shape. You can wear an array of glasses styles.
Oblong faces benefit from decorative temples that shorten the face. Plus a low bridge shortens the nose.
Rimless and cat-eye frames highlight diamond faces, especially if you want to soften your high bone check features.
Narrow frame styles soften square faces while rimless glasses balance triangular faces.
A heart-shaped face is among the prettiest. To flatter it further, pick cat-eye or clubmaster glasses.

Of course, if you fall in love with a particular glasses style, you can always make it work.

How to buy glasses online that fit

It’s common to second guess purchasing something online for the first time. However, 39 Dollar Glasses helps you figure out how to buy glasses online that fit. For example, we offer our ExactFit™ virtual try-on tool. Grab your smartphone or computer and camera. Then follow the instructions and provide your Pupillary Distance, and we’ll help you find the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape.. If you don’t know your pupillary distance, we have a tool for that too. Check out the AccuPD tool for a quick way to accurately measure your pupillary distance.

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If you have your prescription from your eye doctor, they may recommend their sizing

When you order your glasses online, have that information handy. When you don’t know what size to order, we provide an online manual glasses fit guide. You need to measure your face, forehead, cheekbones, and jawline in inches. We also offer proprietary tools that help you understand how to make sure your glasses fit properly. If you need to measure yourself manually, start by writing down your face’s length. Measure the distance from the center of your hairline to your chin’s tip in inches. Next, write down the distance from one eyebrow’s arch peak to the other. This gives you your forehead’s measurement. To find the length of your cheekbones, measure from the bump located at the outer corner of one eye to the other. Lastly, measure your jawline. From your chin’s tip move to the point where your jaw angles up to your ear. You can measure it in the other direction too or multiply the first number by two.

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These measurements help you determine your face’s shape

Oblong faces feature a long face length and the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are the same. For square faces, all four measurements are close with a sharp jaw. Triangular faces feature small foreheads, mid-size cheekbones, and a large jawline. In this case the face’s length isn’t relevant. In round faces, the face and cheekbones have a similar size. The forehead and jawline are also similar but larger than the face and cheekbones. In cases where the glasses aren’t a perfect fit, 39 Dollar Glasses provides a worry-free warranty and free return shipping.

How to make glasses fit tighter

A pair of prescription glasses will loosen over time. The more you remove them from your face and put them back on, the more you pull on the temples and temple tips. Our brief guide helps you understand how to make glasses fit tighter. The majority of prescription glasses are made from plastic. Thus, the following strategy works for most plastic glasses frames. Hold the temples of the glasses under warm water from 30 seconds to one minute. Next, press on the temples downward and inward gently. You’ll know that the strategy worked when you put them on again. Ideally, you’ll feel the pair tighter across your face and around the ears. If they slipped before, they should remain in place when you look down and nod your head.

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If the screws are the culprit for the loose glasses fit, purchase a screw kit

Sometimes, the screw simply needs tightening. When the screws no longer remain in place, remove them. Dab a drop of super glue in the screw’s place. Then place the screw back inside. Use the screw kit to secure it in place. In cases when these strategies don’t work, your glasses require a professional look over. Eyeglass frames last an average of one to three years. It’s normal for glasses to require maintenance after one. Individuals who purchase their glasses from 39 Dollar Glasses can rest assured that they will receive a quality product. We offer free return shipping and our worry-free guarantee.

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How to adjust glasses to fit

As pairs of glasses age from wear, they lose their tightness and shape. You’ll notice that they become loose and crooked. If you need to adjust them at home, you can.

If the frames and temples are made from plastic, you can heat them and make adjustments

For example, if you need to fix glasses that have become crooked, heat the side that lifts higher than the other. When you place them on a flat surface, you’ll notice that one side no longer touches it. Place that side under warm water for 30 seconds, one minute at the most. Then, bend its temple down. It’s rare for pairs of glasses to become tighter over time. But if you receive a pair that feels a smidge tight, you can loosen it at home. Place the temples under warm water for 30 seconds to one minute. Next, bend the tips upward slightly. If they’re tight, bend the tips downward slightly.

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When you purchase prescription or sunglasses from 39 Dollar Glasses, we provide a worry-free warranty and free return shipping. We ensure that your purchases fit your face perfectly.

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