How many pairs of glasses do you need

How many pairs of glasses do i need

It’s normal for those new to wearing glasses to ask themselves, how many pairs of glasses do I need? Even veteran wearers of glasses may stop and wonder, how many pairs of glasses should I own? The answer to both questions is it depends. Owning multiple pairs of glasses benefits the wearer. Everyone needs to have an extra pair handy, just in case. If you misplace your pair, accidentally damage them, or forget them, it helps to have an emergency pair. Some prescription glasses have become versatile. They suit several situations such as going from indoors to outdoors. However, sometimes it’s best to own several pairs that have specific uses.

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For example, you can own a pair of sunglasses, reading glasses, and computer glasses.

Athletes benefit from owning a pair of sports glasses, and it doesn’t hurt to own a pair of fashion glasses too. Someone who wears glasses can own three to four pairs, especially if they use electronic devices daily. If they compete in sports, they can own five.

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How many pairs of glasses does insurance cover.

Sometimes your insurance company answers the question, how many pairs of glasses should I own? And how many pairs of glasses do I need? A common question vision insurance providers receive is how many pairs of glasses does insurance cover? Most vision insurance plans provide an annual allowance for new eyeglass frames and lenses. You can technically purchase a new pair of glasses through your insurance once a year. The allowance amounts vary.
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Sometimes the lens incurs a copay. But you can accumulate a nice collection of glasses, especially if you don’t own a spare set. Owning multiple pairs of glasses is in your best interest.

You need a spare set

Many eyeglass wearers benefit from a set of reading glasses and another for spending time on their computers. You pay into your insurance plan to enjoy its benefits. The best way to maximize the benefits is to redeem them as outlined by the policy. Keep in mind that glasses from 39DollarGlasses remain affordable.

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Why is it a pair of glasses

Ever wonder why you wear a “pair” of glasses? Language is a funny thing until you look into its origin. People call them a pair of glasses, but everyone knows that you only wear one set of frames at a time. If you want to know why it’s referred to as a pair of glasses, we have your answer. A pair of glasses is actually one frame and two lenses. A long time ago, things like glasses lenses, pants, and even undergarments were two pieces held together by something. Before innovators invented the eyeglasses frames, people held the lenses over their eyes by squinting them in place. Researchers believe that the first frames for glasses appeared in Italy in the 1200s. They made the frames from wood or leather. Next, they set the lenses in place.

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Since then, eyeglasses have seen several improvements.

To this day, people say a pair of glasses because the frames hold two lenses over your eyes comfortably. Your perfect pair of glasses is waiting for you at 39DollarGlasses. Purchase your pair today!

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