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Progressive Lenses (Varilux®, etc.)

Progressives are sometimes referred to as no-line bifocals, no-line trifocals, “no-lines”, or vari-focals. In the industry, they are referred to as PALs (Progressive Addition Lenses). Progressives provide a graduated range of vision from distance to near, without a line bisecting the lens.

Progressives are available as clear lenses, Transitions® lenses that get dark when you go outside, or as full-time sunglasses (either tinted or polarized).

We sell different brands, each with its own distinct lens design for what the lens manufacturer believes will give the clearest, most comfortable vision at varying viewing distances. Some are made using a process known as “free form” which custom-alters the lens design itself based on your prescription, your PD, and the height of the frame you’ve chosen.

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