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Stay sharp behind the wheel with glasses for night driving. Outfitted with Rx anti-glare lenses protect eyes from daytime UV rays and nighttime brightness.

Glasses For Driving

One of the most underestimated safety issues on the road is vision. Clearly seeing where you are going, and what obstacles may wait ahead, is vital. Many drivers make an effort to keep their dashboard and windshield clear, but what about your eyewear? Eyeglasses and sunglasses for driving are an easy and affordable way to increase contrast for sharper vision while driving.

Daytime drivers may worry about bright sun rays and their eye-damaging UV rays. 39DollarGlasses.com proudly offers premium AR anti-glare coating for clear lenses and tinted lenses prevent driving distractions and promote vision health.

Night Driving Glasses

Nighttime drivers face eye strain and vision impairment while driving as well. Plagued by glaring headlights, bright street lamps, and glowing signs, drivers need to protect their eyes even at night. Luckily, anti-glare lenses can also help cut down this brightness, allowing you to see comfortably. Add premium AR anti-glare coating to avoid unwanted strain while cruising the roads after dark.

AARP says "to use sunglasses for daytime glare situations or have antireflective coatings added to eyeglasses to reduce glare and improve night vision."

Have questions about driving glasses for day or night? Contact our customer service team by calling 1-800-672-6304 toll free in the US.

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