FreshLook ONEDAY


Enjoy clear vision and a whole new look with FreshLook ONEDAY contact lenses. These popular colored contact lenses from FreshLook are an easy, affordable way to enhance your eye color or try something completely new.What makes FreshLook ONEDAY contacts unique is their 3-in-1 technology. With this remarkable feature, lenses blend a combination of three colors for a more natural look. 39DollarGlasses offers a variety of colors including Blue, Green, Grey, and Hazel.These colored contact lenses are daily disposables. Simply insert them each morning for a new look that lasts all day and then toss the lenses at night. Another option is to wear these contacts for a big event or a night out for a quick eye color transformation. These colored contacts can be worn with your prescription or they can be worn as PLANO (no prescription) if you do not need vision correction.
FreshLook ONEDAY
17.99 (10 lenses per box) Free Shipping In Stock
Mfr: Alcon / CIBA Vision
Lens Type: Standard
Package Details: 10 lenses per box
Base Curvature
Right (OD)
Left (OS)