Biofinity XR


Nearsighted is a condition in which closer objects appear clear, while further objects do not. Farsighted is a condition in which further objects appear clear, while closer objects do not. Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, Biofinity XR can provide you with the clear vision you’re searching for.Both nearsighted and farsighted are common conditions, however it isn’t always easy finding proper vision correction. Biofinity XR are comfortable, moisturizing, contact lenses that will correct vision, allowing objects to appear clear at any distance. For extra comfort, CooperVision uses Aquaform Technology to keep lenses breathable, ensuring comfortable eyes all day long. These moisturizing monthly contacts come from one of the world’s best contact lens brands. Biofinity XR lenses are offered at a great low price and are eligible for discounts when purchased in bulk!
Biofinity XR
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Mfr: CooperVision
Lens Type: Standard
Package Details: 6 lenses per box
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