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What Glasses Are In Style For Men?

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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Men’s glasses trends change over time, but choosing frames that look good isn’t complicated. With a few simple tricks, you can pick the best glasses for your style and easily stay on-trend. Here’s your guide to wearing the latest glasses trends.

Above all, glasses should complement your face shape. You could wear the latest frames, but you’ll feel the best if they actually match your look.

Generally speaking, faces can fall into a few broad categories. At one end, there are squares and rectangles. These are faces with sharper features like angular jaws and wide foreheads. At the other end are rounder faces. Think softly slopped chins and rounded hairlines.

In the middle are “diamond” and “heart” faces, which have a mix of soft and square features.

In most cases, glasses that add contrast look good. If you have a soft face shape, choose bolder frames with sharp edges. They’ll enhance your jaw and balance your features. On the other hand, sharper face shapes are accented well by softer frames.

Remember that this is just a general rule of thumb. You should always go with styles that make you feel good.

Next, think about your daily attire. Glasses that match your everyday style are easy to wear and keep you effortlessly on-trend.

You’ve got three things to think about:


Frames should match your daily style. You don’t need a new pair for every outfit, just think about the shades you typically wear. Like earth tones? Go for neutrals such as white and gray. What about brighter colors? Double down with bold primaries like red and blue. (You can always skip this step and stick with simple black frames that match everything.)


Glasses can be made of anything from metal to plastic to wood and more. If you like classic styles, metal wire-frame glasses are an easy pick. For something more modern, choose clear plastic frames.


Plain frames look great, but you can add a pattern for a more eye-catching look. Tortoiseshell is probably the most iconic glasses frame pattern, but you can also try anything from stripes to subtle color gradients. These styles are perfect if your daily attire plays with patterns and colors.

Glasses should match your lifestyle, so consider what activities you do throughout the day.

If you’re on the move, focus on comfort with lightweight glasses. Or keep it sharp at work with a classy pair of sleek metal frames.

Beyond style, certain lenses are better for certain activities.

For work and school, stylish glasses with an oil-resistant coating will stay clean all day. For outdoor jobs, consider adding Transitions® lenses to keep sunlight at bay.

Now it’s time to talk about the latest trends. These styles are the perfect mix of on-trend and timeless — you really can’t go wrong here.


Clear frames are modern and classy, but they can swing playful too. Try wearing colorful clear frames for a brighter look.


Big glasses are hot right now. Be sure to choose an oversized frame shape that complements your face for the best look.


Half-rimmed glasses emphasize sharp features. They’re ideal if you need glasses that look good at work and on the weekends.


Tortoiseshell is a stylish look that works on everyone. Go for the classic, or spice things up with a colorful twist.


Round frames add attractive contrast to square faces. Mix and match the style with other designs, like round clear frames or round tortoiseshell.


Pick this timeless trend if you want something simple but striking. The classic design always looks fresh, whether you’re getting stuff done outside or at work on a computer.

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