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What Color Frame Should You Pick, Based On Your Eye Color

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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There are so many different eyeglass colors, it can be hard to select the best pair! Whether you want to compliment your features or find a bold contrast, your eye color is a great place to start when deciding which frames would suit you best. That's why we’ve put together this helpful guide to finding the best frames for every eye color.

The Best Frame Colors for Blue Eyes

From sparkling sea blue to deep sapphire tones, blue eyes are such a striking feature. Frames that are blue, gray, silver, and some shades of green will complement blue eyes best since they are in the same color spectrum. These colors will make you look clear, open, inviting, and assured. For a fun contrast or bolder style, try frames that are tortoise patterned, black, caramel, brown, or coral. These colors contrast perfectly with blue eyes to make you look vibrant, striking, and confident. In general, you can draw extra attention to blue eyes with frames in warmer contrasting colors or select cooler, jeweled tones for a more muted look.

The Best Frame Colors for Brown Eyes

There are many different shades of brown eyes, each with unique features and tones. Classic black frames are always a great first option to suit people with brown eyes. If you prefer a bolder look, try larger frames or styles that are black with a pop of another texture, color, or pattern. Warm tones are a great option to compliment brown eyes including earthy greens, light browns, golds, and deep grays. These colors will make you look inviting, friendly, approachable, and smart. However, if you want frames that pop against your eye color, try selecting bright purple, red, blue, or silver. Contrasting colors like these will make you look distinct, quirky, bold, brave, and creative.

The Best Frame Colors for Green Eyes

A unique color, green eyes already stand out but can be further highlighted with the right color frames. Many people with green eyes may notice gold flecks or a band of hazel running through their eyes too. These pretty details are best showcased by two-toned, patterned, and clear eyeglass frames. For other complementary options, try nature-inspired hues like lavender, mint green, brown, gold, and tan. These colors will make the wearer look inviting, spirited, understanding, knowledgeable, and mysterious. On the other hand, contrasting colors like plum, pinks, violet, blue, or silver project a more eccentric and trendy style. These options suggest the wearer is high-energy, committed, practical, opinionated, and outgoing.

The Best Frame Colors for Gray or Color Changing Eyes

While this eye type is rare, many people still have gray eyes or eyes that are of multiple colors. Celebrate this fun difference, by wearing glasses in any color, style, or texture! Try complementing paler eyes with muted pastels, silvers, greens, and grays. These will bring more attention to your face and cause you to look vibrant, mesmerizing, thoughtful, interesting, and charismatic. For brighter multicolored eyes, go for rich colors like deep burgundy, black, navy, jewel green, and ruby red. The pairing will match your eye tone, suggesting royalty, authenticity, power, and trustworthiness.  

Whether you are looking to update your style or add to a growing eyewear collection, be sure to consider your eye color when choosing new frames. Selecting eyeglasses that complement or contrast your natural eye color will help you look stylish and put together every day!