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What Causes Eye Twitching?

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Dr. Marc

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Eye twitching can happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common causes is stress. If your body has high levels of adrenaline coursing through it — whether it’s due to external circumstances, high caffeine intake, or some underlying cause — it could result in spasms.

Alternatively, exhaustion and fatigue can also be the culprits, especially if you’re fighting to keep your eyes open. This kind of twitch often stems from the eyelid, and it’s typically fairly benign.

Irritation can also cause eye twitching, especially if an unpleasant substance or particle makes its way into the area. External factors like bright lights or elevated screen use can spark similar reactions. If you’re experiencing discomfort in addition to spasms, an irritant could be responsible.

Of course, there are more serious causes of eye twitching. If it persists, it could be the sign of a more serious condition that requires medical attention and you should consult a medical professional.

How Can You Stop Your Eye from Twitching?

If your eye twitch isn’t a symptom of a more serious condition, there are ways you can go about stopping it:

·        Drink water: If stress or caffeine might be the cause of your twitching, drinking water can decrease your adrenaline and alleviate your symptoms.

·        Get some rest: If you suspect a lack of sleep or fatigue could be causing your eye twitch, getting rest could improve the situation. In fact, you may wake up and realize the problem has resolved itself completely!

·        Take a break from screens: Many of us spend a lot of time on our phones and computers, and it can feel hard to get away from our screens at times. However, if you’re experiencing eye twitching, it may be time to take a short break from your electronics.

·        Clean the area: If irritants like pollen or pollution are upsetting your eye, clean the area and see if this helps your symptoms. Keeping the eyes lubricated can also prove useful.

When to See a Professional

If you’re having trouble locating the cause of an eye twitch, or you’re struggling to implement an effective solution, it’s probably best to consult a medical professional. They can run tests and determine why your body is having this response, as well as what might prevent it.

Likewise, seeing your eyecare provider regularly can help you stay on top of your eye health. Visiting an eye doctor every year or two is recommended, and it can make you aware of any issues that may lead to symptoms like eye twitching.