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Understanding Tints & Coatings

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Most people believe lens tints for sunglasses serve the same purpose: to protect your eyes from the sun. While this may be true in part, did you know that certain color tints in glasses can actually enhance visual clarity in different environments? Similarly, some anti-reflective coatings can offer more protection and comfort under certain conditions. This article will explore tinted lens glasses, anti-reflective coating, and the benefits you may experience by wearing them.

Tinted Lens for Glasses

Grey Tint Sunglasses with a grey lens tint are great for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. When viewing the world through a gray lens, you can enjoy crisp, natural colors, reduced glare, and increased visibility, even on cloudy days. Grey-tinted lenses are suitable for a variety of environments such as driving, playing sports, and enjoying outdoor activities. However, they may not be the best option for night driving.

Brown Tint Brown or amber lens tint for glasses offers similar benefits as grey-tinted lenses do, but they provide improved visibility and comfort in cloudy environments. Brown-tinted glasses can help reduce glare, enhance color contrast, and improve depth perception. As an added benefit, brown-tinted lenses can help filter out blue light throughout the day for a boost in sleep quality.

Green Tint Green-tinted lens glasses can reduce glare, prevent eye strain, improve visibility, and even enhance color contrast by filtering out some blue light. For this reason, wearing green lens tint for glasses is a fashionable and practical tint color choice for bright, sunny days. They’re especially useful for people who like to golf or go fishing, or for those who spend time outdoors in bright light environments.

Teal Tint While teal-colored tint glasses might provide some of the same benefits as green or blue-tinted lenses, they mostly function as a popular color for fashion eyewear. However, wearing teal-colored glasses with an anti-reflective coating can still help shield your eyes from reflective glare.

Blue Tint Wearing glasses with a blue lens tint can provide a variety of benefits. Blue-tinted lenses enhance visual clarity by increasing color perception and contrast. They allow you to view objects more clearly while offering reflective glare protection, especially in snowy, foggy, or misty environments.

Purple Tint Purple lenses, while often worn for fashion, can provide a surprising number of benefits. Purple lenses are useful for protecting against reflective glare and increasing color contrast. However, purple lenses are also effective at reducing shades of green and blue while enhancing the color orange, which makes them incredibly useful for hunting or target shooting.

Rose Tint Rose-colored tinted glasses are just as fashionable as they are practical! They provide comfort, visual clarity, and protection from glare, while also filtering out some blue light. Plus, red or rose-colored glasses help increase depth perception and contrast for enhanced visual detail making them perfect for a variety of sports and outdoor activities.

Orange Tint Orange glasses are commonly worn for both practical and fashionable purposes. Some types of precision-tinted orange glasses, like those offered by 39DollarGlasses, can help filter out most blue light waves during the day to increase sleep quality at night. Orange-tinted lenses are also useful for increasing visibility and contrast in low-light conditions.

Yellow Tint Yellow lenses in glasses are ideal for low-light conditions, like on overcast days or while driving at night. The yellow-tinted lens enhances visual contrast while defending against reflective glare. They may be especially useful for those who enjoy outdoor sports that require a sharp eye, such as hunting and fishing.

Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings

Anti-reflective coating — also called AR or no-glare coating — is a special film that is expertly applied to either one or both sides of your lenses. This special coating is designed to shield your eyes by blocking harmful light and reflective glare that can damage vision over time.

In contrast, wearing a pair of sunglasses with no AR or UV protection can allow too much light to enter the eyes which can increase your risk of developing a variety of damaging eye conditions.

When deciding which anti-reflective glasses are right for you, it’s important to know that not all AR coatings offer the exact same kind of protection. Depending on your lifestyle or occupation, you might benefit from more specialized types of anti-reflective coating.

Whether you need anti-reflective glasses for work, driving, boating, or staying active outdoors, 39DollarGlasses has the perfect AR coating for you. Review our selection of anti-reflective options to pick the best AR coating for your lifestyle:

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Choosing the right tint color for your eyewear can provide a range of benefits for different lifestyles, occupations, and activities, in both indoor and outdoor settings. Additionally, selecting a lens tint with an anti-glare coating offers 100% UV and glare protection to further protect your eyes from prolonged sun damage.

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