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The Best Ways To Pack Eyewear For Travel

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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You’re not fully packed for vacation without your glasses. That means both your prescription glasses and sunglasses. For those of us who lack perfect vision, it would be a good idea to pack a backup just in case. And when you’re living the good life on the beach, big city, or wherever you’re finding adventure, it’s always nice to pack a variety of shades to fit your outfits, activities and moods. Not only that, but in the summertime, they are paramount to keeping your eyes protected from damaging UV rays on your retinas as well as the skin around your eyes to keep premature aging at bay.

So, what to do with all that eyewear? How do you keep them safe, sound and untangled among all your other things? To truly keep your glasses protected, you’ll definitely want to go with a hard case. If the ones that came with your eyewear are the studier type, you can definitely use them for traveling. If you need a hard case, here are some options to help you stay organized.

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This handmade glasses case is perfect for carrying around on your person because it folds down flat so it won’t take up any space when you’re wearing your shades. Plus, it’s personalizable to keep you from losing them!

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Bringing a handful of options but don’t want to deal with multiple glasses cases? This roll-up case holds five pairs of frames perfectly and can be hung for easy access.

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Alternatively, this luxurious rectangular travel case may suit your needs better and will look great set up on a tabletop.


A less expensive option is this leather case that comes in eight colors. With three compartments, they securely hold your frames with an elastic loop and a padded interior. It’s also perfect for holding jewelry, chargers, and other small, easily lost items all in one place.

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An even more affordable alternative is this one with three compartments, plus a pocket for additional small valuable items like watches– ideal to keep with you on your carry-on.

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Got a full bag and need to save on space? Try a hanging case. Two sides can fit both a pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses each and conveniently hangs off your bag or backpack.

WIth all your eyewear neatly organized, you won’t risk broken or lost glasses keeping you from enjoying your vacation.