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The Best Way To Clean Your Eyeglasses

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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Well-loved glasses will inevitably get a little dirty. Wearing them day in and day out will gather dirt, grime, grease and smudges on your frames that will make it harder for you to see clearly. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean your glasses.

Whether you clean them as needed, or the recommended once a day, all that matters is that you do it often to keep your frames in pristine condition.

Cleaning your glasses may seem like a simple enough task but there are a few rules to follow. Read on for the do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping your lenses and frames in tip top shape.

DO wash your hands before cleaning. This ensures you aren’t dirtying your glasses again after you clean them.

DON’T use harsh chemicals. There’s no need to use any chemicals to clean your glasses as they may rub off any special coatings you have on your lenses.

DO use soapy water. Just a little bit of dish soap and water is all that’s needed!

DON’T use napkins, tissues, a t-shirt or towel to wipe your lenses. These materials can cause microabrasions on your lenses that can permanently damage them and cloud up your vision.

DO use a microfiber cleaning cloth. This ensures you won’t scratch your lenses and easily wipes away dust and fingerprints.

DON’T forget to clean your microfiber cloth. A dirty microfiber cloth with buildup just won’t clean as well.

DO clean the entire frame. While cleaning your lenses, give the entire frame a wipe as well to get rid of any dirt, dust or oil, especially on the nose pads.

DON’T forget to clean your sunglasses too! Give your sunglasses the same care as your prescription frames by gently cleaning them the same way.

For a quick tutorial on how to clean your glasses, check out this video!