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The Benefits of Anti-Reflective Coating

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Dr. Marc

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When you see the term “AR coating” this is referring to the anti-glare and reflective coating on the lenses of eyeglasses. AR coating is added to lenses to eliminate reflection from the front and back surfaces of your lenses. In sunglasses, coating is typically only necessary for the inner surface!

Why would you want to add an AR coating to your lenses? Lenses without an AR coating can reflect anywhere from 8% to as high as 50% light. With only 50-92% of light to entering your lenses, visibility is not at its optimal due to glare. Having an AR coating allows a minimum of 99% of the light to enter, allowing for clearer vision!

Having an AR coating on your lenses comes with many benefits:

·         Reduces eye strain

·         Makes your eyes more clearly visible to others

·         Helps improve vision

·         Reduces glare caused by headlights and streetlights

·         Some AR coating feature blue light blocking

At 39DollarGlasses.com you can find several AR coating options to add to their already 100% UVA/UVB protection and scratch-resistant coated lenses! You can select an AR coating for clear, transition and polarized lenses, leaving tinted lenses the only of which AR coating is not offered for.

Following are the types of anti-glare coating carried by 39DollarGlasses.com:

UltimateView™ Premium AR

$39 Dollar Glasses UltimateView Premium AR increases the visual performance of your eyeglasses, allowing at least 99% light to pass through the lenses rather than reflecting off them. With this coating, others will not be able to see the light bounce off your lenses and they will see your eyes more clearly. You likely see the result of this daily if you watch TV, as those onscreen have AR coating on their eyeglass lenses. This coating also eliminates almost all headlight and streetlight glare allowing driving at night to be much easier. It has a hydrophobic feature which repels water and moisture. This makes the lenses easier to clean and reduces static build up.

Blue495™ (blocks blue light)

Another option is Blue495, which boasts the same features as the UltimateView AR coating and more! The Blue495 AR coating blocks blue light, also known as High-Energy Visible (HEV) blue light, which is emitted by digital devices and artificial light. HEV blue light may have harmful effects on the eyes and can disrupt our sleep cycles!

The advanced coating of the Blue495 significantly reduces eye strain, contributes to protecting the health of your retina and increases visual contrast. It is also considered to make your glasses more aesthetically pleasing in addition to improving your eyesight!

Crizal Prevencia™
Crizal Prevencia by Essilor is considered the gold standard in anti-reflective protection. It blocks HEV blue light from both digital devices and artificial light, repels dust and water and resists smudges.

Crizal Prevenzia is top tier in anti-glare coating, allowing the most possible light to pass through eyeglass lenses, guaranteed at over 99%! It virtually eliminates all headlight and streetlight glare, allowing for the best nighttime driving experience, and increases the contrast of everything that you see. This also allows for your eyes to be seen clearest, allowing others to connect better with you and better see your expressions. Therefore, people who are on TV commonly have this type of AR coating on their eyeglasses.

Finally, as with all AR coating, Crizal Prevencia coating reduces eyestrain and protects the health of your retina!

As you have learned, an AR coating is beneficial for anyone who wears eyeglasses, regardless of lifestyle. Afterall, who does not want their eyes to perform at their absolute best? With an AR coating, they most definitely will!