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Finding glasses for your kids that are affordable, durable, and comfortable can be hard! We wanted to make sure every child would be able to find frames that they would love for the style and that parents would love for the quality. This is why we launched our kids' glasses collection! Offering sizes that range from toddlers to school age, there is something perfect for every kid.

We know that little ones are always on the go! All 39 Dollar Glasses.com  kids' glasses are made to last with lightweight and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Our toddler glasses also include a comfortable head strap to assure that frames stay in place, without causing irritation. Durable glasses in a variety of colors are made to withstand every last drop, stumble, and playdate to keep up with your active child.

To provide even more peace of mind, we offer a guaranteed 1-year free frame replacement on all our kids’ glasses. So you can rest easy knowing that a broken frame isn’t a big deal. Let your kids focus more on having fun and less on damaging their favorite pair of glasses!

Our affordable kids’ glasses make it easy to buy additional pairs for added comfort, family photos, vacation, special occasions, or just because. Speaking of vacation, don’t forget to pack sun protection for your child’s eyes on your next outdoor adventure.

Even on a cloudy day, UV rays from the sun can damage the eyes of both adults and kids. Unfortunately, children are even more vulnerable to the effects of the sun since their eyes are still developing. They can’t filter out dangerous rays like adults can which makes sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection a necessity. All our sturdy and stylish kids' sunglasses are custom crafted in the USA to provide the best eye protection for every child.

Offering a variety of lens types including distance, reading, and non-prescription we also provide coating options such as anti-reflective and transition lenses. With fast delivery and dozens of styles to choose from, find the best fit for all your family's eyewear needs on 39dollarglasses.com!