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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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The Vision Council, a nonprofit trade association, has reported that at least 150 million American adults wear prescription eyeglasses. This is not to mention the figure of children in that category. In recent times, no one ever bothers to ask the question: where do y'all get these glasses from?" Before you do, your subconscious already answers. "The optician's clinic of course!"

The optician's clinic? Well maybe not.

According to the April 2018 issue of Forbes Magazine, at least 8 million pairs of glasses were sold in 2017, primarily because digital eye examinations were still in the works. In order not to spoon-feed you with the numbers, you can take a wild guess as to how many glasses are sold online today. The answer? Well, this is what the vision council had to say about it in 2020.

"In 2020, more than 44 percent of adults who purchased eyeglasses used the internet to assist in their acquisition of prescription eyeglasses, up from 22 percent in 2017. With 14.1 percent of 2020 eyeglass buyers using the internet to directly purchase eyeglasses throughout the year, about 30 percent of 2020 eyeglass buyers used the internet to compare prices, find the type or style of eyeglasses they wanted to buy, or find the ECP or retailer they bought from in-person later."

This clearly shows that the acceptance of online sales and purchase of glasses are increasing by the day! The question is why do people decide to buy glasses online? More like why should YOU buy glasses online?

In this article, you are presented with a few upsides to buying glasses online.

You can contemplate for as long as you want:

Typically, you can only window-shop for so long before the attendant's demeanor starts threatening you to make a choice and pay up or take a bow and get out. If your optician is a busy person, there are only so many options you can also check before your consultation hour is over. Online shopping eliminates all these factors. From the comfort of your room, you can look through an endless variety of frames while taking your time. No one hurries you up or pressurizes you to buy something after checking around. You can even pause your search and pick up where you left off the last time. You're literally in charge of your plans when you buy glasses online.


More often than not, online stores tend to display more samples of frames than high street stores. No one who considers the efforts that go into cleaning and shelving the frames would blame the high-street stores. However, online stores can upload as many pictures as possible, giving you a wider range of designers, styles, materials, and colors to choose from.

Trying Them On

Buying a pair of glasses online is like working on a substance of the quality hoped for, and holding evidence of the design not seen. The online sellers recognize this leap of faith, which is why they mostly provide specifications, sizes, and descriptions online. They also allow for return or exchange services in situations where the glasses are not suitable.


Typically, online stores work round the clock, so they tend to earn more than high-street stores. This makes their prices relatively cheaper. At the end of the day, you get to save yourself some bucks.


Nothing beats the convenience that online stores offer. From the comfort of your bed, you can lift a pair of glasses off the frame of online stores and have them come to you at home. The only time you get to lift something other than a finger is when you get the glasses from your mailbox.

Home Fitting

What happens when you purchase your glasses on the high-street and for some reason you can't get your fittings done right away? You wait, right?

This simply shows that you're at the mercy of your vendor when it comes to fittings. However, good online suppliers offer some DIY tips to help you make your fittings adjustments yourself. Simply put, buying online comes with knowledge which in turn bestows independence.


If anything in the eye-care industry could be compared to the speed of lightning, it would most probably be the speed of delivery from online suppliers of glasses. Once you place your order, they get the glasses to your doorstep in less than 48hours. If that's not lightning, then what is?


Even with the pictures, specifications, and descriptions, you can have your glasses delivered and then find out that you don't like them. Online suppliers give you the option to return and exchange your glasses for other options in such cases.

While these benefits are the logical effects of buying glasses online, they're probable in some cases. These benefits are guaranteed when you shop with the right online suppliers. Good online stores like 39dollar Glasses are characterized by excellence and customer satisfaction. This is why you should not only engage the website, but also get some eye-care stuff.  The next time you want to get a pair of glasses, do well to explore the upsides on the websites.