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How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Child

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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You may be a little overwhelmed if your child is getting glasses for the first time. From choosing frames to finding the right prescription lenses, it’s normal to feel stressed. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure it out alone. At 39DollarGlasses, we’re ready to make the process fast and simple. Here’s everything you need to know about picking the right glasses for your child.

Find the Right Fit of Kids' Glasses

Kids are active, so they need glasses that won’t fall off easily. The best fit for kids' glasses is snug but not too tight. They should stay in place when your child shakes their head. But they shouldn’t leave deep indentations or red marks.

Younger kids and toddlers often struggle with glasses sliding down their noses. You can fix this by getting frames with a back strap, like our Limited Too 2003 glasses. Frames with nose pads also offer more support, like our Cub glasses.



Don’t worry about packing up and trying on glasses in person. 39DollarGlasses includes precise measurements for every frame so you can easily order kids’ glasses online. You can also order up to 5 pairs to sample for free through our Home Trial program. Or your child can sample styles online using ExactFit, a virtual try-on tool.

Pick the Best Frame Materials for Children’s Glasses

Metal and plastic are the two most common materials for kids’ glasses frames. They’re both good options, but each has pros and cons. Here’s what to consider when looking for the best glasses frame material for kids:

Metal Frames Younger children and toddlers often have low nose bridges, which makes glasses slide off easily. Kids’ metal glasses feature nose pads to give more support and keep the frames in place. Plus, metal frames are extra-durable and lightweight — making them ideal for very active kids. However, they won’t work for children with metal allergies.

  • Metal frames are lightweight and very durable
  • Metal glasses have nose pads that help keep the frames in place
  • Children with metal allergies should opt for plastic frames

Plastic Frames

Kids’ plastic glasses are available in a wider variety of colors than metal frames. You can also find styles with back straps that help the glasses stay in place. However, some children think metal frames are more comfortable thanks to their nose pads.

  • Children’s plastic glasses have more color options than metal frames
  • Plastic frames are strong and lightweight
  • Some children prefer metal glasses with nose pads

Narrow Down Frame Style and Color Options

With some kids, half the battle is getting them to wear their new glasses. Letting your child help pick their frames can make the process easier. Explore our collection and narrow down a few options they can choose from. Try looking for styles in their favorite color to help them get excited about wearing glasses.

Check out our Student glasses in black for a classic appearance. Or go for something more colorful like our Scout glasses in pink. No matter the style, 39DollarGlasses delivers high-quality frames and lenses custom-crafted in America.



Choose the Right Prescription Lenses

After getting a prescription from your child’s eye doctor, it’s time to choose the right lenses. Kids should only wear lenses made of polycarbonate. This durable material is shatter-proof and impact-resistant, so it’s the safest option for children.

At 39DollarGlasses, we make things easy by only using polycarbonate lenses in all our glasses. Order any style and know that your child is getting strong, safe lenses you can trust.

In addition to wearing polycarbonate lenses, kids need protection from blue light and UV:

Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids Blue light comes from screens like tablets and TVs. This harmful light can cause eye strain. Plus, it messes up your child’s sleep schedule. Blue light makes the brain think it’s daytime, which delays the release of a sleep hormone called melatonin. If your child uses screens often, blue light glasses for kids can help keep their sleep schedule in check. Order a second pair of glasses with Blue495™ lenses to use during screen time.

UV Protection for Kids Sunlight can easily damage children’s eyes. Too much exposure causes cataracts and even blindness. That’s why all our kids’ prescription glasses automatically come with 100% UV protection at no extra cost. For added sun protection, order kids' prescription sunglasses with shaded lenses. Or choose Transitions® lenses to get sunglasses and eyeglasses all in one convenient pair.

Have a Backup Pair!

Kids can manage to break even the most durable glasses. Not to mention losing them. Save yourself some time by ordering a backup pair. 39DollarGlasses makes it easy by offering unbeatable prices. You can order two pairs for less than the cost of a single frame at other stores. Plus, our prices include prescription lenses, and we guarantee every purchase with our Worry-Free Warranty.

39DollarGlasses Is Here to Help

It can be hard for kids to start wearing glasses, but we’re here to make the process easier. Find the right frames with Home Trial or ExactFit, and explore our collection of kids glasses to discover styles your child will be excited to wear.

Still have questions? Our experts are here to help! As a company founded and operated by optometrists, 39DollarGlasses is dedicated to making eye health easier for everyone. Contact our team to learn more about kids’ glasses and all things eye health.