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How to Match Your Eyeglasses With Your Outfit

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When it comes to choosing eyeglasses that complement your outfit, personal style is key. At 39DollarGlasses, we understand the importance of finding frames that not only enhance your vision but also reflect your fashion sense and daily life. In this guide, we'll explore multiple factors to help you make the perfect eyeglass selection - from skin undertones to eye color! And if you need a little extra assistance, our ExactFit™ Virtual Try-On Tool or a Home Trial is only a click away, ensuring you'll find the ideal frames for every occasion.

What is Your Skin Undertone?

Understanding your skin's undertone can be helpful when trying to select eyeglass frames that will harmonize with an overall look. The three primary undertones are Warm, Cool, and Neutral. One simple method to determine your undertone is to examine the veins on your inner wrist: if they appear greenish, you likely have a warm undertone, while bluish veins indicate a cool undertone. Another approach is to consider how your skin reacts to sunlight—warm undertones tend to tan easily and may have golden or peachy hues, while cool undertones might burn more quickly with pink or rosy undertones. Finally, you can experiment with your jewelry or accessories! If gold metals look better on you, you probably have warm undertones, while silver jewelry might suit those with cool undertones best.

Once you've determined your undertone, explore the eyewear colors below that work best for each type!

Colors for Warm Undertones Choosing the perfect glasses to complement skin with warm undertones involves embracing earthy and rich hues. Browns, camel, and terracotta, as well as shades of warm red, and orange, can beautifully enhance natural warmth. Opting for metallic frames in gold or copper adds a touch of luxury, while neutral colors like olive green and khaki provide a sense of sophistication. Steer clear of bright pink and lavender, as these shades zap the warmth from your complexion.


Colors for Cool Undertones For individuals with cool undertones, eyewear in muted jeweled colors and pastel tones will enhance your overall look. Shades of blue, lavender, pink, and cool greens can be particularly flattering. Silver and gunmetal metallic frames offer a sleek and stylish option, while black frames can always provide a timeless and classic look. It's advisable to avoid reds or bright greens, as these can potentially intensify facial redness.


Colors for Neutral Undertones The best of both worlds, enjoy the versatility of both warm and cool tones, exploring a wide spectrum of frame colors! Choose from gold, purple, brown, and silver as particularly well-suited choices for balanced hues that complement a wide range of color palettes without overpowering. Skip oversaturated colors, as they can potentially wash out neutral undertones.


What Colors Would Make Your Eyes Pop?

Selecting frames to complement your eye color is another great way to easily match your eyeglasses with your outfit. Here are the best combinations, whether you want to compliment your features or find a bold contrast!

What color frames for blue eyes? Blue eyes shine with frames in blue, gray, silver, or green, offering a clear, inviting look. For a bold contrast, go for tortoise-patterned, black, caramel, brown, or coral frames to exude vibrancy and confidence. Enhance blue eyes with warmer contrasting colors or opt for cooler, jeweled tones for a subtle elegance.


What color frames for brown eyes? For brown eyes, classic black frames are an excellent choice. To make a bolder statement, consider larger frames or black styles with pops of texture, color, or patterns. Warm tones such as earthy greens, light browns, golds, and deep grays enhance the inviting and approachable nature of brown eyes, while bright purple, red, blue, or silver frames provide a bold and creative look.


What color frames for green eyes? Green eyes, already unique, can be accentuated with two-toned, patterned, or clear frames. Nature-inspired hues like lavender, mint green, brown, and gold create an inviting and knowledgeable look. Alternatively, contrasting colors such as plum, pink, violet, blue, or silver project an eccentric and trendy style, suggesting high energy and an outgoing personality.


What color frames for hazel eyes? Embrace the versatility of hazel eyes by trying out various tones, from warm browns to cool blues. Increase pale hazel eyes with muted pastels, silvers, greens, and grays to draw attention to your face. Or for brighter, multicolored hazel, opt for rich colors like deep burgundy, black, navy, jewel green, and ruby red to match your regal tone.


What is Your Personal Style?

No matter your eye color or skin undertone - finding a distinctive eyewear look involves considering your personal style. Whether you gravitate towards a neutral palette or revel in a vibrant pop of color, we have an array of options to suit your preferences.

Neutral Glasses Frames For those inclined towards a timeless aesthetic, neutral eyewear frames in classic shades such as black, brown, clear, tortoiseshell, or metal offer an enduring and sophisticated appeal.


Bold Glasses Frames On the other hand, if you're drawn to making a bold statement, infuse your eyewear collection with frames in lively hues like red, yellow, purple, or patterned, allowing your style to radiate with a burst of personality and flair.


Whatever your inclination, our diverse range of frames ensures you can express your unique fashion sensibilities through your eyeglasses.

Virtual Try-On & Home Trial Options

For a seamless eyewear shopping experience, explore our Virtual Glasses Try-On Tool. Featuring our innovative ExactFit™ technology, it will precisely measure your face size and recommend frames that compliment your features. Experiment with various colors and shapes to coordinate with your outfits and elevate your personal style effortlessly. With just a smartphone or computer equipped with a camera, you can easily access this tool and try on glasses virtually to visualize how different frames will suit you. Alternatively, you can physically try 39DollarGlasses eyewear through our glasses Home Trial program. Choose up to five favorite frames, and we'll ship them to your doorstep for you to style in the comfort of your home. Once you've discovered the perfect outfit and eyewear combinations, simply add your prescription online to your preferred pairs and return the Home Trial frames using the provided prepaid label. It's that easy!

39DollarGlasses Is Here To Help

At 39DollarGlasses, we go beyond simply offering affordable eyewear – we're your go-to destination for effortlessly matching your glasses with your outfit. As a company founded by eye doctors, we're deeply committed to not only providing stylish frames but also to educating you on eye prescriptions and maintaining optimal eye health. Explore our diverse range of frame styles and colors at unbeatable prices, ensuring you'll always find the perfect glasses to complement any ensemble. Shop with confidence, knowing that our dedication extends beyond eyewear to encompass your overall ocular well-being!