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How Do I Read My Eye Glasses Prescription?

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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You finally visited your eye doctor and got a new glasses prescription. There are words, maybe a minus sign, or a plus sign and some letters and numbers - but what does it all mean? Learning how to read your eye glasses prescription can seem difficult at first, but is something that every person who wears prescription eyewear should learn how to master. During a comprehensive eye exam, the lens power of each eyeglass prescription or contact prescription is perfectly tailored to meet the specific glasses lenses or contact lens required. It's critical to understand any eye prescription so that you can purchase the correct pair of glasses and maintain optimal eye health - but don't worry! With our ultimate guide to understanding eyeglass prescriptions, you'll soon be ready to find the perfect pair of prescription glasses in no time.

Why are Eye Glass Prescriptions Important?

Knowing the level of lens power needed is necessary to order glasses or contact lenses online, or anywhere! Ordering eyeglasses with the wrong eye prescriptions can result in double vision, distance vision issues, and may even worsen near vision or cause other vision problems. Even when worn daily, an incorrect prescription won't correct farsightedness or provide the astigmatism correction needed to maintain daily eye health. Your eye care professional will make sure each eye exam correctly identifies what eyeglass prescription is needed. In most cases, the left eye will need a different lens than the right eye, and the pupillary distance will also be measured to assure the correct fit overall. Some people may even require a very specific nearsighted prescription, lenses to correct astigmatism, prism correction, or added magnifying power. If you don't know how to read your vision prescription to purchase the correct pair of glasses or contact lenses, your vision won't improve! Those who want to wear both eyeglass lenses as well as contact lenses typically need a separate eye exam and special contact lens fitting to assure the correct contact lens prescription is determined as well. Without a general understanding of the lens power needed for both eyeglass prescription and contact lenses, it's easy to accidentally order eyewear that won't work for your unique vision needs. This is why is it so important to understand how to read eye glasses prescription and contact lens prescription properly.

How to Properly Read Eye Glass Prescriptions

Using an Eye Glass Prescription to Order RX Eye Glasses Online Now you're ready to use your eyeglass prescription to order eyeglasses online with the correct lens power. Once you find the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses on 39dollarglasses.com, click "select lens type" to choose the type of lenses you need. You can select from distance vision glasses, reading glasses, regular bifocals, or progressives. Next, you will enter your prescription using the example eye prescription chart and eye prescription abbreviations as explained above. Be very careful to double check the eye prescription provided by your eye doctor to make sure you are entering the left eye and right eye information in the correct spaces. Don't accidentally use a minus sign if a plus sign is needed, because that will drastically change the eye prescription! After adding all the information for both eyes and entering your pupillary distance, you are ready to move on to select any lens type or coating required. And that's it! You have used your eye prescription from an eye doctor to order eyeglasses online.

39dollarglasses.com has a wide range of eyeglass frames and sunglasses for many eye conditions, and eye prescriptions. From astigmatism to helping correct nearsightedness or farsightedness, we are ready and waiting to help find the best pair of glasses for you.