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Headache or Migraine? How You Know the Difference

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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Migraine or Headache?

From slight pressure to a debilitating migraine attack, no one likes the pain caused by a migraine or headache. The severity of both can range from uncomfortable to debilitating without warning. Severe migraine symptoms can include sensitivity to light, visual disturbances, intense pain, a dull ache, side of the head pain, and even abdominal pain! While there are many common types of headaches, sinus headaches, cluster headaches, tension headaches, and headache disorders can have similar indicators as migraine headaches. But with many of the same overlapping symptoms, it can be hard to tell if you're experiencing a migraine or headache. This guide will help you to recognize the differences between the two so that you know how to treat the intense headache pain or migraine attacks you are experiencing and get back to feeling better, fast.

How to Know if it is a Headache or Migraine?

Headache pain is typically felt in the head, neck, and face. There are two main types of headaches called "primary headaches" and "secondary headaches". Secondary headaches usually develop as a side-effect of another medical condition like an infection and can be relieved once the original condition is treated. For example, many times with medication overuse headaches occur. In rare cases, neurological disorders, a hemiplegic migraine, or an abdominal migraine will need advanced treatment. Primary headache symptoms stand alone and are not related to underlying conditions. Some common kinds of primary headaches are tension headaches, sinus headache, and cluster headaches. Migraine headaches are actually a form of primary headache, however, migraine pain is much more intense and may be harder to manage than regular headache pain. So the only main difference between migraine headache and headache is that a migraine is a kind of primary headache disorder. Migraine headaches will cause more migraine pain, like side of the head pain, along with other symptoms, and can happen very frequently. Chronic migraine sufferers must work with a healthcare provider to try and determine their migraine triggers and minimize acute migraine attacks. In most cases, prescription medications, like nausea medicine or nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs, will be needed to relieve headache pain when dealing with migraine headaches.

Neurolux Migraine Glasses

One way to avoid triggering a migraine headache or other types of primary headaches, like tension headaches, is to minimize eye strain. After staring at a screen for a long period, your eyes can become fatigued resulting in a migraine headache and migraine pain, along with other symptoms like severe pain on the side of the head, sensitivity to light, throbbing pain, and more. This silent migraine can sneak up on you and can even develop into episodic migraine or other headache disorders if not prevented and treated. Neurolux Migraine glasses are a great option to help prevent migraines and migraine headaches. These special glasses are designed to filter out the harmful light that can cause an increase in migraine headaches and severe headache intensity. If you keep a migraine or headache journal and are recording multiple cluster headaches or experiencing a migraine episode regularly, you may need more than acute treatment or pain medication to help treat your migraines. Neurolux Migraine glasses may be just what you need to complete your migraine or headache symptom management routine.

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We know how debilitating living with cluster headaches, migraines, and severe headaches can be. Along with an understanding of your family history, relaxation techniques, medication and lifestyle changes, you can find ways to prevent migraines or minimize cluster headaches. Find relief before the pain starts for both common migraine, mild migraines, or complete migraine episodes by trying Neurolux Migraine Glasses from $39DollarGlasses. With a worry-free warranty and free return shipping, our team is ready and waiting to help you find your perfect pair of Neurolux Migraine Glasses. This preventive treatment comes in a wide variety of sizes and frame designs to perfectly fit your personal style. Talk to your doctor about reducing your light sensitivity today, with an affordable range of light-blocking lenses from $39DollarGlasses!