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Glasses and sunshades have two parts to them. The health and the heart. The health part of glasses tends to talk about the lenses, and their types and uses, while the frames tend to be more aesthetic. The conversation around frames mostly runs along the lines of shapes, colors, and materials. In this article, there'll be yet another one of such conversations, and it'll consider tips that help you make a fashion statement with your eyeglasses. This conversation will particularly feature the best eyeglasses styles and trends for this fall.

Fashion Cat Eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses are one fashion style that has not only stuck in the trend but has also made waves ever since. It is considered as the "ladies' best friend" Within the work environment. While the typical cat-eye glasses are curved, the geometric version of the frame has also taken its place in the trend. This kind of frame highlights the shape of your face and distinctly spotlights your personality.

If you have a chiseled face, geometric cat-eye glasses further highlight your angles. If your face is round, it defines your face by creating some angles around it.

Cat-eye frames tend to give the attractive boss lady look. It contours your face and gives the vibe that you know what you want.

Overall, cat-eye glasses are one of the most attractive options for women working in the business or academic environment, as they give you a smart and mysterious look that is bound to emphasize your professionalism.

Stylish Clear Eyeglasses

From being the perfect material for safety goggles, Clear frame material found its way into the eyeglass trends. It is one of the most prominent eyewear trends of the year.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a subtle look or want to make a statement with your outfit, white or transparent eyeglasses ace the game. As a lady, you can make your glasses the focus of your outfit by keeping your makeup and outfit colors light.

The upside to clear eyeglasses is that they are unisex, so they look good on anyone. Since it's a frame material, it can also be made into different shapes, this done shakes are more popular than others.

Transparent materials have generally taken a place in the fashion industry. They are often incorporated into fashion designs for clothes, bags, shoes, and accessory designs, and most importantly into prescription glasses.

Thick Rimmed Geometric Glasses Frames

Thick rimmed geometric frames are designed to fit all face shapes. This is because the frames are designed between the range of square and circle-shaped.

Thus, regardless of the shape, the special feature of these glasses is the thick rims, which may either cone in braggy or dim colors.

Thick rims make your glasses pronounced by default. They're the best way to make a fashion statement even when you don't do so much.

Round Frames

Round frames were the sweetheart in the days of the oldies. They have indeed regained that prominence in recent times. Apart from the elegance they add to your face, their versatility is one to bow for. Round frames are suited for square and rectangular-shaped faces. They can also be mixed and matched with a variety of outfits, ranging from business smart outfits to hipster sweaters and hats.

An oversized round frame is the real vintage look. It gives you this bold outlook while smaller round ones reflect elegance. Generally, round frames draw attention to your face. It's the perfect strategy for a business bid or presentation.

70s Oversized Square Glasses

Square lenses seem to have a timeless space within the trends. When they come in big sizes, they further appeal to the vintage vibe especially when they come with thick rims square frames effortlessly make their statements, especially on casual and leather outfits.

Aviator glasses

Aviator glasses and sunglasses have long been a favorite of eyewear enthusiasts. From old times when it used to be the "superhuman" vibe, it has resurfaced in current times with a  wider range of influence. The style has moved from the typical sunglasses style to an attractive style for prescription glasses. They could either be single or double-bridge styles, made of metals and colorful acetates

Aviator glasses look good on men and women alike. It can also be worn as a stylish accessory or may also be the right frame for prescription lenses. Thus, you can set your aviator glasses to touch up your outfit or enhance your facial features.

Tortoiseshell frame glasses

Tortoiseshell glasses frames are reputed to be in the high ranks of trends. They come in unique patterns that keep you in touch with the currently wavy eyewear trends. The variety of the tortoiseshell glasses has also evolved from just the brown color to different color variants.

In conclusion, these trendy styles would be a nice array to pick your styles for the fall. Just make sure you work with a style and color that best suits your face.