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Does 39DollarGlasses Sell Safety Glasses?

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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Eye protection is an essential part of vision health. Thousands of people suffer severe eye injuries each year, but you can protect yourself with durable safety glasses.

Though 39DollarGlasses.com doesn’t directly sell safety glasses, we do have our Ocusafefor safety glasses. Ocusafe is our go-to recommendation for all things eye protection.

Ocusafe was founded by two eye doctors with over 25 years of medical experience. The duo already provided standard eyewear, but patients kept asking for safety glasses. They wanted reliable eye protection from trusted experts, so Ocusafe was born.

Today, Ocusafe is known for its shatter-proof lenses and wide range of styles. The company works with leading design firms like OnGaurd and Wiley X to craft specialized frames, side shields, and vapor gaskets to protect your vision in any environment. All Ocusafe glasses can feature prescription or standard lenses, and every order is backed up by a 30-day warranty.

Ocusafe delivers dependable eye protection to thousands of customers. You can trust Ocusafe to provide durable safety glasses built to last.

As a doctor-owned company, Ocusafe shares our belief in rigorous quality standards. Safety glasses have to be tough and reliable, so every Ocusafe design is ANSI safety-certified. To earn certification, the lenses must be at least 2 mm thick and made from shatter-proof polycarbonate. Ocusafe takes it a step further with anti-UV and scratch-resistant coatings. Experts custom-make each pair in world-class, USA-based facilities, and every order undergoes strict quality inspections before shipment. With Ocusafe, you get expert-made eye protection approved by doctors.