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Until about half a decade ago, clear glasses were almost nowhere to be found within the fashion trends. Today, they seem to have arrived and are bent on retaining a prominent spot within fashion trends, especially for glasses. The ability to retain its place in the top trends of fashion so consistently seems like magic. However, we have come to realize that clear glasses have some magic wands that help them remain sweethearts everyday-all-day.

Magic Wand 1: They seem to last forever

Clear glasses have significantly grown with the trends. Considering what the fashion trends were like 5 years ago, and how far we've come, one must give kudos to clear glasses for its ability to catch the fancy of the fashion populace for this long.

At a closer glance, one realizes that it's beyond the magic of clear glasses. It's more about the fact that they have evolved with the trends over the years. Clear glasses are made of plastic, which is quite basic. Since plastic can be worked into almost anything, clear glasses can be made into virtually any shape or style. So, the hack here is that clear glasses are designed to evolve with trending shapes, styles, and tints. This is why clear glasses remain one of the greatest ways to stay in style.

Magic Wand 2: They lighten up your face, giving it this sprinkle of color and radiance.

Translucent frames can come as clear and transparent as crystal or may come with subtle colors that tease your beholders. Bold and dark frames significantly mark your face but tend to tone down your brightness. Clear glasses on the other hand keep your face bright. They also spotlight your eyes and make them look bolder.

Magic Wand 3: They are your best bet to slaying your outfits-- anytime and every time.

Clear frames are not the kind of accessories to sit in your closet and wait for their perfect season. They are perfect for every season! From the splash of brightness in summer to the cool vibes of winter, your clear glasses are made to help you rock every moment. What's more, is that they add this lively touch of warmth to your face every time you wear them.

They also work perfectly for photoshoots since they are translucent. If it was possible to  wear a ring light on your face, then clear glasses would be the perfect "ring lights." They just keep all the brightness on your face. From your family Christmas shoots to your professional profile photos, clear glasses bring the magic on. They're just that little bit of something that tends to mean everything!

Magic Wand 4: They work their magic on everyone.

Unlike other frame styles that are popular among ladies, macho guys, kids, or elderly people, clear frames can wade through these categories and remain sleek. Glasses that are confined to a particular set of a group of people mostly draw their peculiarities from their shapes or sizes. An older lady tends to go for outrightly big frames or small rectangular ones, which clear frames can model. The younger lady will prefer a cat-eye frame with smaller shapes that clear frames can also model. With the right shape and size of a clear frame, you can rock a cute, bossy, funky, sophisticated, elegant, or rugged look. It simply shows that whatever rocks your boat, clear-glass frames remain your ride or die.

Magic Wand 5: They come in almost every shape, size, and shade!

Only very few frame materials can rival clear frames when it comes to versatility. Not only are they versatile, but they are also so prominent that proper glass shopping or scouting is not complete without checking out a few of them. Their prices are also very flexible. This means that once you're willing to partner with your pocket to rock the trend, there's always that clear frame for you.

The most intriguing part about clear frames is that they look great on everyone, but some people seem to rock them better. In the actual sense, clear frames are not picky, they just respond to certain tips that you should know.

Pick the right outfits.

Every outfit makes a statement-- more like gives a vibe. Whatever vibe you plan to give should determine what part of your outfit is highlighted. If you plan to highlight your clear frame glasses for all it is and all it stands for, then you should keep the colors you're wearing light. Because the frames are light conductive, they tend to be more highlighted when paired with brighter colors. As a form of deviation, you can also rock neutral colors or lighter shades of bold colors, especially blue, which tends to complement clear frames rather excellently.

If you plan to highlight another part of your outfit, then you may wear a darker color. Being transparent, your frame tends to reflect that color on the sides while it remains bright and clear in front. It's just the perfect illusion for highlighting any other part of your outfit.

You can also blend your outfit by using lighter colors for your make-up and dark colors for your outfit or dark colors for your make-up and light colors for your outfit.

Choosing the Right Shape

As it is with hairstyles and clothing styles, so it is with frame styles. You should go for a frame style that fits your face shape. That way it highlights your features and shows you off in the best light. Typically, round and oval-shaped frames complement square-shaped faces. For diamond-shaped faces, cat-eye or oval-shaped frames work better in highlighting the right angles. A round face looks better with rectangular or square frames, while oval-shaped faces should stick to square frames.