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Can Wearing the Wrong Prescription Glasses Hurt Your Eyes?

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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Some people wear glasses for work, fashion, or to protect their eyes from the light. However, many children and adults require prescription glasses to correct vision problems. When suffering from blurry vision, eye strain, myopia, eye fatigue, or double vision - it's critical to visit an eye doctor to get a formal diagnosis. An optometrist will perform a variety of tests to assess the patient's visual acuity, depth perception, ciliary muscles, and general eyesight to determine if prescription eyewear is needed. Those who wear corrective lenses need to visit the optometrist regularly, most frequently for middle-aged adults and older to catch worsening vision quickly. Age-related farsightedness can cause vision changes that require an up-to-date correct prescription and glasses much faster. If it's been a few years since your last eye exam, you may be wondering "can wearing lower prescription glasses damage eyes or lead to long-term issues?". Read on to learn more about what happens when you wear the wrong prescription eyeglasses and why you should prioritize wearing the right prescription and glasses for you.

Can Wearing the Wrong Prescription Eyeglasses Damage Your Eyes?

Wearing only the most accurate lens prescription is important to assure clear and healthy vision. When worn over time, the wrong prescription in a pair of glasses can cause eyes to work harder. This can lead to weak eye muscles, increased eye strain, increased vision issues, and other symptoms like headaches. While most healthy adults or children won't experience long-term damage from wearing the wrong prescription for a few weeks, additional strain on the retina and other parts of the eye is not recommended. An adult or child that suffers from refractive errors such as myopia (also known as being near or short-sighted) may permanently damage their natural lens from wearing the wrong prescription. In any case, even wearing the wrong prescription glasses for a few days can make it harder to see distant objects and cause symptoms such as blurry vision, refractive error, increased eye strain, tired eyes, headaches, and general poor eye condition. Wearing the correct prescription is not only important for wearing glasses every day, but also for contact lenses and reading glasses as well. This is why the wrong prescription glasses should be replaced by an updated actual prescription as soon as possible. The lenses inside your glasses are only effective when they are expertly measured to support the image processed.

Regular Eye Doctor Appointments are Important

Without a regular eye doctor appointment, it can be easy to wear the wrong prescription. Typically, eye strain and blurry vision only get worse with age. Wearing eyeglasses with the right prescription is the only way to assure corrected vision. Prescription lenses also have an expiration date of approximately one to two years from the date they were prescribed. Only an optometrist can evaluate the effectiveness of an old prescription and provide a corrected new prescription. This is especially true for patients who have unique eye conditions like refractive errors and who may require a specific lens shape. Like any medical equipment, the wrong prescription eyeglasses can wear out and a new pair will be needed. A yearly eye exam can not only prevent wearing glasses with the wrong prescription but also catch any emerging ocular issues before they worsen. Children may need bi-yearly or more frequent eye exams depending on if they have myopia or advanced focus or retina issues. Don't wait for your eyesight to self-correct by wearing the wrong prescription. If you're wearing glasses and have started to suffer from headaches, refractive error, or persistent vision issues for up to two weeks or more, it's time to call your eye doctor. The wrong prescription glasses can only affect your life if you don't prioritize your vision and wear the wrong glasses for too long.

Use Your Updated Eye Glasses Prescription to Order Online

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