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Back To School Trends

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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With school bells ringing and backpacks ready, it's that time of year again – back to school! As students gear up for another exciting academic adventure, it's essential to start the year with confidence and style. For all the college-goers, high school scholars, and younger learners, we've curated a list of the hottest eyewear trends to ensure you make a lasting impression in and out of the classroom.

Limited Too 106 Bold and Colorful Frames

Make a statement with your eyewear by choosing bold and colorful frames. Vibrant hues like electric blue, fiery red, or playful pink can instantly elevate your look and let your personality shine through. College students can opt for larger frames, while younger students might prefer smaller, more whimsical styles.

Frame: Reese Clear and Transparent Frames

For a sleek and minimalist look, consider clear or transparent frames. These glasses compliment any outfit and are perfect for students who like to keep things simple yet stylish. This trend is versatile and suitable for all ages, making it an excellent choice for high school and younger students.

Frame: Cyril Geek-Chic

Unleash your inner intellect with geek-chic glasses. These frames feature thick rims or square frames that exude intelligence and a touch of quirkiness. College students can pair these with both formal and casual attire, while high schoolers might find them perfect for perfecting a smart and studious look.

Blue Light Protection with UltimateView™ Blue495™ Lenses

As students increasingly rely on digital devices for studying and entertainment, safeguarding their eyes from harmful blue light becomes essential. Our UltimateView™ Blue495™ Lenses not only benefit overall eye health, but they also protect your eyes - reducing eye strain, minimizing screen glare, and promoting better sleep. This is especially beneficial for college students or busy back-to-school parents who already stay up late!

Back-to-school season is the perfect time to refresh your look and start the year with confidence. By embracing these trendy glasses styles, college students, high schoolers, and younger learners can make a fashion-forward statement while keeping their eyes protected and comfortable. Whether it's bold and colorful frames, geek-chic-inspired designs, or blue-light lens options, there's an affordable pair for every student at 39dollarglasses.com. So, as you gear up for another exciting academic year, remember that your eyewear can be both functional and fashionable, allowing you to see the world with clarity and style!