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5 Ways To Organize your Eyewear

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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Chances are, your eyeglasses and sunglasses are jumbled up in a drawer or in a box somewhere when they deserve a proper home. And you’re not alone! Glasses are just one of those things that end up floating around the house because we take them with us everywhere. Properly storing your eyewear will not only tidy up your space but will prevent you from losing them and will let you see all your frames to make it easier to decide which to wear. Plus, it’ll protect them from damage and that dreaded tangling when pulling one out of a pile. Here, we’ve rounded up five ways to organize your eyewear to help you find the best storage solution for you.

Displayed on a decorative tray

Whether on display on a tabletop, shelf or dresser, straighten up your collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses on a dedicated tray.

Line them nicely up on a tray like this stylish gold one to make your accessories double as decor pieces.

Footed Brass Tray

This vertical tray stand holds even more so you can keep all of your daily essentials like sunglasses, keys, watches and more in one place, perfect for putting out near your entryway for easy access.

Jewelry Stand - Steel

Organized in a drawer

This velvet-lined, compartmentalized tray is meant for placing in your drawers so they don’t shift around. These can also be stacked to get the most out of your drawer space.

Velvet Glasses Tray

In a dedicated eyewear box

Why not give your glasses it's very own mini dresser? This vanity and countertop organizer conveniently holds three glasses in each tier and its clear color makes it super easy to see your entire collection all at once.

Plastic Drawer Countertop Organizer

If you’d rather store your glasses more discreetly, there are jewelry-like boxes with compartments to specifically fit your frames.

12 Piece Eyeglasses Jewelry Box

On a glasses rack

Take a cue from the opticians and keep your glasses hung on a glasses rack to make it feel like you’re shopping for new frames every day!

Sunglasses Display Stand

On the wall

If you’re short on space, utilize your walls to your advantage. Hang this clever wall hammock at your desk or by your front door and keep your sunglasses in the pockets, or clipped onto the metal bar.

Umbra Hammock Accessory Organizer

Alternatively, this organizer has pockets to securely hold 25 glasses and will also work great behind a door.

Eyeglass Holder Display Hanger with Pocket

No matter your storage style, taking care of your glasses will not make for a happier home, but happier eyes too!