How to pick glasses frames for your kids

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What are the best eyeglass frames for kids

Girl wearing glasses

If you are on the hunt for the best eyeglass frames for kids, you’ll find just what you are looking for at 39dollarglasses. The best children’s eyeglasses are colorful and fun. You will find a wide selection of eyeglasses for kids at 39dollarglasses including a variety of colorful options in a wide variety of sizes and shapes like the Scout in pink and black, the chipmunk in blue and yellow, and the Limited Too 109 in orchid.

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Choosing your kids' frames can be challenging because you have to think about more than just the style

One feature you don’t want to overlook is durability. We offer you a broad selection of high-quality kid’s frames for just $39! Other features worth considering include a proper, comfortable fit, and a great look.. Plastic frames are popular choices for kids frames because they are both durable and stylish. At 39DollarGlasses you’ll find our plastic frames for kids stylish and durable making them a great value for the money spent.

Finding the best eyeglasses for kids means finding attractive designs

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When children have stylish, modern frame choices, they are more likely to wear them like they should. The goal at 39DollarGlasses is to help parents find the best children’s eyeglasses at affordable prices. But we also provide many options that are attractive to children. We want them to feel confident and know that they look great while wearing glasses.

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The best eyeglasses frames for kids are the ones they will wear

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Involving your child in the purchasing process is a great way to encourage them to wear their glasses so they can reap the full benefit. Kids enjoy looking through the 39dollarglasses website to find the glasses frames that best suit their personalities and tastes. They have the option of choosing the shape and color. That gives them a sense of personalization and ownership of their new glasses. At 39DollarGlasses kids can be happy with the choices, and parents are happy with the price and the ease of the ordering process.

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What are the best glasses frames for toddlers

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Choosing the best glasses frames for toddlers can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Like choosing the best eyeglass frames for kids, toddlers have some unique needs parents need to consider. A toddler is up and around and likely into everything, and you need to choose good glasses for kids that will be durable enough to keep up with them as they romp, play, and discover the world around them.

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Toddler eyeglasses from 39dollarglasses are made from soft, flexible plastic that will move and keep up with the active life of a toddler

In addition, they come with an adjustable and detachable strap that helps secure the toddler’s eyeglasses in place. This serves two purposes. The strap ensures the toddler’s eyeglasses stay put while they are busy around the house or at the park. And, when the glasses remain securely in place, they can do their job of helping correct their vision so they can see better. You’ll find many options of eyeglasses for toddlers at 39DollarGlasses.com like our Limited Too 2003 toddler frames with a detachable strap. These royal blue or light purple frames are designed to fit the toddler’s face perfectly and comfortably and look great on them too!

If you are looking for the best glasses frames for toddlers, any of the Limited Too line of glasses frames from 39DollarGlasses are a great choice

Girls reading and wearing glasses

They are constructed of soft plastic and come in a wide variety of color choices.. It’s easy to find the best children’s glasses for kids in colors that match their personalities at 39DollarGlasses. Whether your toddler needs glasses for brief times throughout the day, or they need to wear them all day long everyday, you’ll find good glasses for kids at 39DollarGlasses.

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Remember that all you need to find the best glasses frames for toddlers is a pair that works for them, a toddler willing to wear them, and something sturdy that will stand up to a toddler's amount of activity

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All parents need to do is to upload the most recent prescription from your toddler’s eye doctor and choose the frame that suits your toddler the best. It’s that simple to order the best eyeglass frames for kids from the 39DollarGlasses website. Our affordable options are easy on parent’s pocketbooks, and we offer a worry-free warranty on your purchase.

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What are the best little girl prescription glasses

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Choosing the best little girl prescription glasses is a skill all its own. You may still worry about things as a parent like durability, affordability, and a proper fit. Who doesn’t think about these things when they are looking for the best eyeglass frames for kids? But with little girls, style may be a much bigger factor than just getting good glasses for kids. The goal is for her to wear the glasses so they can correct her vision, help her read and see better. But if she doesn’t like them, she’s not going to wear them. Choosing little girl prescription glasses is not that hard when you shop online at 39DollarGlasses.

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You’ll find a wide variety of stylish options that are sure to please little girls

We have a variety of stylish metal and plastic frames in different geometrical shapes so you can help her find exactly what works for her, and what matches her style. She’ll be able to make her own fashion statement with one of the trendy choices from 39DollarGlasses. Does your little girl want to look smarter? Show her our Maddie frames available in blue or pink crystal. If she wants to go for a sportier look, 39DollarGlasses has a number of great choices like the Stardust frame in a variety of popular colors. Look through the wide variety of trendy styles so you can find the best little girl prescription glasses she will love to wear!

It’s easy to order little girl prescription glasses from 39DollarGlasses

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After you obtain her prescription from the eye doctor, just upload it to the site and order the frames she picks out from our trendy selection of the best children’s eyeglasses. Parents may be surprised at the number of stylish frames we offer and how many name brand frames are available in kid sizes. It can be a lot of fun looking through all the frames available for prescription glasses for your little girl. At 39DollarGlasses you’ll find the perfect frames that will make her happy, and you’ll be happy too.

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What are the best glasses for boys

Boy wearing glasses

Parents often need to shop for the best eyeglass frames for kids and that means finding the best glasses for boys. Durability may be one of the top concerns of parents who are shopping for good glasses for kids, especially for their little boys. The wide selection of stylish frames for boys you’ll find at 39DollarGlasses will surprise you! We carry the best children’s eyeglasses that kids and parents are sure to fall in love with. For parents, our options in eyeglasses frames are durable and affordable. For boys, there are rugged options that can stand up to their active lives and stay on so they can see how much fun they are having.

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Boys can be hard on eyeglasses. We understand that!

So, we provide lots of styles and options for durable, unbreakable children’s frames to help give you peace of mind. The wide selection of stylish choices at 39DollarGlasses makes it easy to find something boys and parents love. For the studious boy, check out our Cub plastic eyeglasses frames in black and gray or the Student frames in matte black. For boys or parents who think metal is the best eyeglass frames for kids, our Memory Metal 202 in coffee is a nice choice. Looking for something a little sportier for the little boy in your life? We have plenty of those options too.

As a parent, you are looking for the best glasses for boys and the best choice for your wallet

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Our affordable high-quality glasses frames are durable and come with a 100% worry-free warranty and free return shipping. Prices start at just $39 and all our frames are crafted in the USA.When you shop the 39DollarGlasses online store looking for the best eyeglass frames for kids, you will not be disappointed. The process is simple, and you’ll have the custom prescription glasses you need in no time.

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