Glasses for Toddlers

If your little one is in need of glasses, look no further than Our selection of glasses for toddlers includes quality metal and plastic frames made with some of the safest materials available.

During this critical stage of life, it’s important to ensure that your child can see clearly. Every day is a learning experience for a toddler, so proper vision becomes very valuable.

When it comes to glasses for toddlers, 39DollarGlasses is the best choice. We make our toddler glasses from durable metal and plastic materials. Our children’s lenses are strictly made from polycarbonate only. Polycarbonate is the safest choice because it is the lightest, most impact resistant material available. This plastic, which is also used to make bulletproof glass, is also completely shatter resistant.

Every pair of glasses comes complete with UV and scratch resistant coating. Your child eyes will stay safe against the sun’s harmful rays thanks to the UV coating. Your toddler’s glasses will also be protected against scuffs and scratches.

Our glasses for toddlers come in an array of styles and colors. They are lightweight and comfortable, so even the fussiest of toddlers will adjust quickly to their new eyewear. We even have a worry-free guarantee so if you’re unhappy for whatever reason you can return your toddler glasses easily. Finally, our toddler glasses are a great deal because they start at just $39 per pair!