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My prescription doesn't have a PD. How do I get this information?

To measure your Pupillary Distance (PD):

  1. Place a millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose.
  2. Have a friend face you about arms length away.
  3. Have your friend measure the distance between the center of your pupils (the black dots in the middle of your eyes).
  4. Or you can do it yourself simply by looking in the mirror. If you need your glasses on to do this, you can draw dots on the lenses where your pupils are (using a magic marker or highlighter); then take the glasses off and measure the distance between them.

It's simple -- like playing connect the dots!

PD Image

You can also get this information from your doctor or from a licensed optician.

As a guideline:

  • Most adults' PD's are between 55-65.
  • Most kids' PD's are between 42-54.

If you don't have one, you can download a printable ruler by clicking here (PDF).

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