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How can I tell if the frame will fit me?

While we give detailed frame measurements of all our frames, you still may ask, "How big is a frame really?" Now you'll know in a matter of seconds. On every frame page is a button that says:

This will open a PDF file in Adobe© Acrobat©. Most people already have this program on their computer. If you don't, you can get it now (it's free) by clicking the following link:

When it opens up, click the print icon in the top left corner. A print setup menu appears. Be sure to uncheck the option that asks you if you want to "shrink oversized pages to paper size." Since you want an actual size picture, you do not want it resized. Then click 'OK' at the bottom and your printer takes care of the rest. Now you can see exactly how big they are. Many customers have told us they lined up their old glasses on the printout (lenses face-down) to see how our frames compared in size to their old ones. At the bottom of the printout is a ruler for measuring your PD in mm.

The frame measurements will also appear on the printout. When determining if a frame is the right size, remember that it's ok if the frame is a bit narrow on your face, however the total frame width should not be more than a few millimeters wider than your face. If you have an old pair of glasses that fit, you may look at the size numbers on that frame as a good approximation as to whether our frame will fit.

To see how wide your face is just look in the mirror with an ordinary ruler resting on the top of your nose and measure the total width of your face.

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