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How do I fill in the prescription (Rx) information?

Your prescription (Rx) provides us with your doctor's recommendation for clear and comfortable vision. The numbers on your prescription tell us how strong the glasses need to be.

The top row (O.D.) is the information for your right eye.

The second row (O.S.) is the information for your left eye.

Fill in each number as it appears in your written prescription using the pulldown menu in step 2 of an item page.

If you only see one number for each eye, you can fill in the one under SPH (sphere) and leave the rest blank.

If you wear bifocals or reading glasses, your doctor may write your ADD power below instead of to the right. Both are customary.

To see more detailed examples and explanations, see our About Your Prescription section, or we are always happy to help you personally if you contact us.

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