Glasses for driving

Wearing eyeglasses is an easy and affordable way to improve your vision. Unfortunately, things like glare, weather, and other factors can still affect your vision even when you’re wearing glasses. It is important to protect your eyes against these hindering factors, especially while driving.

39DollarGlasses proudly offers premium AR anti-glare coating to help protect your eyes while behind the wheel. Whether you’re worried about bright sunrays or the troubles of night driving, our AR coating has got you covered.

Daytime driving promises the risk of bright sunrays obscuring your vision. To defend yourself from the glare, our AR coating will cut that brightness and allow you to see clearly even on the sunniest of days. Even more concerning is night driving. Oftentimes, you may find yourself straining to see when an oncoming car has their headlights on. Luckily AR coating can also help cut down this brightness, allowing you to see comfortably.

We also offer Drivewear, which is an impressive lens that adjusts according to the conditions that you are in. Drivewear lenses combine Transition Photochromic Technology with NuPolar polarization and are activated by visible light as well as UV light. This technology makes it possible for your lenses to change colors depending on your environment. While in low light or overcast conditions Drivewear lenses adjust to a high contrast greenish yellow hue. If you’re in bright light or outside conditions the lenses will turn a dark reddish color. These lenses get their namesake based on how they change while behind the windshield of a car. The lenses will transform to a copper color that will remove bright access light.