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What are Neurolux™ Soothing Lenses and Do They Work?

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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Light sensitivity is a big problem if you experience migraines. Bright lights can trigger new pain and worsen existing symptoms. Either way, managing the kind of light hitting your eyes is an important step in finding relief.

Our Neurolux™ migraine glasses, can help prevent migraines and stop triggers before they cause pain by blocking harmful wavelengths. Here’s everything you need to know about glasses for migraines.

To understand why tinted glasses for migraines are so effective, we need to talk about what’s happening when light causes pain. The human eye has cells that detect light. These cells interact with other vision systems, including a sensitive nerve. For people with migraines, light “hits” that nerve and triggers painful symptoms. This can result in new migraines and makes it harder to alleviate pain. Doctors call this problem photophobia.

Scientists have identified the specific wavelengths responsible for pain. Light measuring between 480 and 520 nanometers can be particularly irritating. Neurolux™ soothing lenses neutralize those painful wavelengths before they hit your eyes, especially while using screens. Think of it like a shield protecting you from migraine pain. The lenses use FL-41 glasses technology to filter out harmful light waves and help you live pain-free.

Your phone and computer screens produce harmful blue light. Too much blue light exposure can cause dry eyes, fatigue, and general eye strain. You might notice these symptoms after working at a computer for long periods or after watching a movie. Neurolux™ soothing lenses can help you avoid these symptoms.

Computer screens can trigger migraines, but so can other light sources. Our lenses protect you from all common light triggers. Fluorescent lighting is a common migraine trigger. You might notice its effects while shopping since a lot of stores use fluorescent lights. They may look steady, but they actually invisibly flicker faster than your eyes can process. For people with migraines, fluorescent flickering can quickly cause painful symptoms. Neurolux glasses filter fluorescent lighting and other triggering wavelengths to prevent pain.

You deserve migraine relief. Choosing Neurolux™ glasses gives you a medically proven defense against pain by stopping light triggers before they strike. Migraine glasses aren’t a cure, but they are an excellent defense against symptoms. Neurolux light sensitivity glasses empower you to manage pain during headaches and reduce the risk of daily migraine attacks.

At 39DollarGlasses, we believe in making high-quality and affordable migraine glasses. That’s why our custom Neurolux™ lenses can be added to any frames — all starting at $89. We make migraine prevention easy with a wide selection of frame styles for everyone. You can even add Neurolux™ technology to prescription lenses.

Ordering online is fast and simple. We custom-make every pair of migraine glasses in our New York lab, then ship them straight to your door. Don’t wait for another migraine to ruin your plans, get relief with Neurolux™!