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How to Clean Your Contacts

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Dr. Marc Weinstein

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Reusable contacts are super convenient, but they require a little more maintenance than glasses. Unless your doctor directs you otherwise, you should remove and clean your contacts every night. Some styles require less frequent cleanings, but regardless, proper care is essential for avoiding eye infections. Here’s what you need to know about safely cleaning your contacts.

Wash Your Hands

Starting with clean hands is key. Oils, dead skin, and bacteria can easily rub off on your lenses, so thoroughly wash your hands with soap and hot water before removing the contacts from your eyes. Don’t use moisturizing soaps — they can leave a cloudy film on your lenses. Stick with standard hand soap or use antibacterial soap if available.

Use Clean Contact Solution

Contacts should always be stored and cleaned with fresh solution — reusing contact solution can lead to bacteria growth and eye infections. Refresh the solution in your storage case before you begin cleaning the lenses. You’ll place the lenses in the fresh solution once they’re clean.

Rub the Contact Lenses in Solution

Now it’s time to start cleaning. Remove one contact and place it on your palm. Cup your hand slightly and pour a few drops of cleaning solution onto the lens, then use one finger to gently rub the lens in circles. You’re done cleaning after about 15 seconds, then it’s time to rinse.

Rinse both Lenses

Next, pour a little more solution to rinse the lens. Don’t skip this step — rinsing removes any grime or oils you loosened while rubbing the contact. Not rinsing leaves residue on the lens, which can contaminate the solution in your storage case.

Place Both Lenses in the Case

Now you can safely store your lenses. Remember that each eye has a custom lens, so be sure to place the contacts in the proper chamber — they’re typically labeled R and L for the right and left eye. Cleaning your lenses one at a time can help you keep track of which is which.

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