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I had my PD measured for me, but there’s more than one number.

If you had your PD measured by an eye care professional, it is possible they gave you more than one number. If they gave you two numbers and they are exactly the same (for example 31.5/31.5), you can just add them up and use that as the PD number. If they are not the same, simply choose the number "88" as your PD in the pull-down, click the "Additional comments about your prescription" link and enter the numbers you were given in the text box.

If you are interested to know why you have more than one number, below is a brief explanation.

  • If the numbers are higher (and different), like 62/59, then the first number is your Distance PD and the second is your Near PD (for reading-only glasses).
  • If the two numbers are lower (and different), like 30.5/31.5, then you had someone take your PD one eye at a time (called "monocular PD").

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