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39DollarGlasses Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses a Hit with Celebrities

Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Cindy Crawford, Neil Patrick Harris, and others are giving classic aviator shades a comeback. 39DollarGlasses offers aviator sunglasses for $48.95

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Women’s Eye Health Research Offers a Twist

New study shows that women who are overweight may actually have a lower risk for glaucoma. Sunglasses and a healthy diet also contribute to healthier eyes, however.

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Sunglasses and Healthy Diet, the Keys to Healthy Eyes

Sunglasses and a healthy diet with key fruits and vegetables help keep eyes healthy as you age.

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3D Polarized Sunglasses Available Soon

Polaroid is releasing 3D glasses that can double as polarized sunglasses. 39DollarGlasses offers a full array of prescription sunglasses at a fraction of the cost of most optical shops.

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Rich and Famous Extend Their Empires With Sunglasses

More and more celebs are launching their own clothing lines, and with them, unique lines of sunglasses.

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Look Fabulous While Staring Down Summer Allergies

Sunglasses can help protect your eyes from summer pollen, while also protecting your eyes from summer glare.

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“Jersey Shore” Cast Shows Off Their Sunglasses Styles in New Season And Asks For Pay Raise

The “Jersey Shore” cast is gearing up for their second season of craziness in Miami. Their stylish sunglasses are out in full force, and so are their attitudes. Asking for more money for a third season, this cast knows they are a world-wide phenomenon, and are cashing in on their fame and their famous fights.

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