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Tanning Goggles

UK Teens May Soon Be Banned from Tanning Beds

Government officials in the UK are considering banning people under the age of 18 from tanning salons in an effort to protect their health. Authorities are concerned that the sunbeds may be particularly harmful to youth as their skin and eyes are still developing, reports The Press Association.

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Paper Doll Chain

Facebook Photo May Have Saved Little Girl’s Life

A pediatric nurse noticed a difference in pupil color in a little girl’s photograph, which led to a diagnosis of an eye tumor and saved the girl’s life. Children should have their eyes checked regularly.

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Gene for Nearsightedness, Glaucoma Discovered

Scientists have discovered a new gene therapy that could cure both glaucoma and myopia. Studies suggest that by 2020, half the world population will have myopia, so the research comes none to soon!

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Contact Lenses Require Special Care for Young Eyes

A new study has found that contact lenses are responsible for the most “device” complications in children’s eye health. Parents should carefully monitor their children if they are wearing contact lenses, and have a spare pair of glasses handy.

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Women’s Eye Health Research Offers a Twist

New study shows that women who are overweight may actually have a lower risk for glaucoma. Sunglasses and a healthy diet also contribute to healthier eyes, however.

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Sunglasses and Healthy Diet, the Keys to Healthy Eyes

Sunglasses and a healthy diet with key fruits and vegetables help keep eyes healthy as you age.

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Watermelon is Beneficial to Eye Health

Watermelon is actually good for for eyesight, so eat up at those summer barbecues!

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