Halloween Costumes for Glasses Wearers

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you come up with your costume yet? In the upcoming weeks 39DollarGlasses will bring you some easy, glasses-friendly costumes that are also quite affordable. After all, we love saving you money! 

DIY Scientist/Mad Scientist
We all have days where we feel a little crazier than others. That’s why we proudly bring you a Scientist and Mad Scientist costume. Would you rather be scholarly or scary? You decide!

DIY Scientist Costume
What You’ll Need:
-Lab Coat
-White Button-Up Shirt
-Black Pants

This DIY Costume is easy and quite fun! Dress yourself in black pants, a white button-up, and a lab coat. This is a glasses-friendly costume so wear your favorite pair for a studious, professional look. Hang onto a notepad/clipboard and a pen and you’re all set!

If you have long hair try tying it back to a high, polished looking bun. Ladies, we recommend keeping the makeup light and professional but feel free to get as creative as you’d like.

DIY Mad Scientist Costume
What You’ll Need:
-Lab Coat
-White Button-Up Shirt
-Black Pants
-Rubber Gloves
-Plastic Cauldron
-Wild Wig

Go a little wild this Halloween with a DIY Mad Scientist costume. Special little touches make this easy, glasses-friendly costume unique. Dress yourself in a black pants, a white button-up, and a lab coat. Next, pull on some rubber gloves. Any color will do but we prefer white or black.

When it comes to your eyewear, the bolder the better. We prefer a thick, black wayfarer styles for a wide-eyed appeal. Then add a wild wig. We recommend a shorter, lighter colored wig, which will cater to the classic Mad Scientist look. Use your fingers to make it look as crazed as possible. If you’d prefer to go without a wig, try lots of hair gel and backcombing to give yourself a mad appearance. If you decide to wear makeup, go for the smeared lipstick look.

For a final touch carry around a beaker and a plastic caldron. Bonus points if you can perfect an evil laugh. Mwahahaha!

Happy Halloween from 39DollarGlasses.com!


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